Fighting The Distance

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  • Published: 23 Mar 2018
  • Updated: 12 Apr 2018
  • Status: Complete
She was like a hurricane with the intent of destruction.
He was like stars raining down from the sky.
She was lost and was looking to be found.
He was a hero looking to find.
By chance they met.
And whatever their souls are made of....
His and hers are the same.
And together, they create an unbreakable bond.
Even distance can't break them.
Or can it?


8. Home

I walked in. 

My heart was pounding.

My hands were shaking.

I looked around.

I stood there for a moment,




Then there you were.

Your eyes met mine.

My hands covered my mouth. 

I so badly wanted to run.




There you were.

I walked over to the stairs

And made my way down. 

Your eyes followed me the whole way down.

The lady was speaking to you.

But your eyes were on me. 

The moment she walked away,

You turned away for a moment,

Said something to your friend.

Then you looked at me

And smiled. 

You walked over,

Reached over the railing,

And grabbed me.

"I've missed you so much"

You said.

I had you in my arms. 

You were right in front of me. 

It had been so long. 

Months upon months

Since I had you last. 

You smelled like you. 

You sounded happy. 

You felt like home. 

I was home. 

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