Fighting The Distance

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  • Published: 23 Mar 2018
  • Updated: 12 Apr 2018
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She was like a hurricane with the intent of destruction.
He was like stars raining down from the sky.
She was lost and was looking to be found.
He was a hero looking to find.
By chance they met.
And whatever their souls are made of....
His and hers are the same.
And together, they create an unbreakable bond.
Even distance can't break them.
Or can it?


38. From Him To Her

Even though,

You might,

Get mad at me,


It's hard

To face,


Don't be afraid,

To stand alone,

I know,

It's hard,

To be,

Away from home.

It ain't easy,

Being all alone,

And our


Being over the phone,

Talking to each other,

All night long.

Love and death are quite similar

Just know,

It hurts to see,

The truth,

In your face.

Go on,


Cry an ocean,

But don't drown in it.

Rain is a requirement,

For flowers to grow.

Pain is a requirement,

For power to grow.

Put your heart at ease.

Don't lose your self esteem

I apologize,

For being

The man,

I sometimes am. 

Just know, 

I do love you. 

We should,

Be adjusted,

To this life.

You were,


Right in front of me.

I had,

The opportunity,

Have you, 

To stay,

And wait. 

It hurts me,

To know that I lied,

I was trying,

To protect,

Your feelings.

You've been,

In between

The war lines.


Bring you down,

To your knees.

I hope,

Your heart,

Has started healing.

Don't be like me. 

Don't be afraid,

To stand alone.

Don't be afraid,

To stand outside,

Your comfort zone.

I know,

It's hard,

To be,

Away from home,

And that, 

It isn't,

Easy being all alone.



It's hard,

To face,





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