Isadora Diggory and the great Hogwarts

Isadora Diggory lived a normal life until she starts having dreams. She finds out she is very different from other people. Follow Isadora on this journey as she tries to defeat you know who.


1. Chapter one

i sit in a dark room staring at nothing. I suddenly see a light flicker on and off and 10 huge men rush towards me. A man who stood in the middle was calling orders to everyone. He was tall deathly pale and had no nose just two slits. He called out Adam get her! John do the spell! Isadora managed to avoid the lights coming towards her. Then the pale man came towards me. You listen here Isadora you will join me wether you like it or not! Wow very tempting but I don't know what your talking about. Oh your mother never told you? She never told me what? That your a witch. A witch! You have to be joking! Nope now hand me your arm. No! Hand it now or I will kill you! I'd like to see you try. Feisty are we? Sort of. He pointed his wand towards me and cast some spell and I fell backwards. Just like that the man along with his army disappeared with a flash of a light. I woke up sweat clinging to my shirt. It was right then and there that I knew I was a witch.


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