Isadora Diggory and the great Hogwarts

Isadora Diggory lived a normal life until she starts having dreams. She finds out she is very different from other people. Follow Isadora on this journey as she tries to defeat you know who.


4. Chapter four

After that we head to the pet shop. I see cats, toads, owls. I see a snowy owl looking at me and i instantly fell in love. Hello what's your name? I am Nix. I jump back surprised she heard me. I can talk to animals this is so cool! Yep anyway you should adopt me I can send letters I am a messenger. Oh cool I will adopt you. Mom I found an animal I want! What is it? Her name is Nix and she is a snowy owl. Oh okay how are we going to pay? I have galleons. Galleons? Wizard and witch money. Ok we leave the shop and head towards the broom shop. What is this shop for? Quidditch the best game in the wizarding world. Wicked! I look around the shop and see a bunch of brooms that I want but they are all too expensive. Mom these brooms are too much money. I will get you one for christmas don't worry. No you don't have to mom. But I do and I will. Thanks! We go get some books and then we head home. I wait two months til september 1st which is the day Hogwarts starts. We drive to King's cross station. My mom drops me off and I walk to station 9 3/4. I look around but there is no platform 9 3/4. I see a chubby man and I ask him. Sir do you happen to know where a platform 9 3/4 is? Is this some game! I shake my head. There is no platform 9 3/4 darling now scat! I walk off and stick my tongue at him. I see a boy with a lightning scar walk past to the chubby man and I bet he asked the same question. He walks off and see's me going to platform 9 3/4. Wait wait he calls out! I turn around yes? Do you know how to get to platform 9 3/4? No I am trying to get there also. Oh we both see a red haired family walk past us carrying carriages also. We run towards them. Exuse me I say? Oh yes a chubby woman turn around. Do you know how to get to platform 9 3/4 Harry asks? Oh of course dear don't worry it is Ron's first time to she points to a red haired boy and he nods. We watch another red head boy run towards the wall and disspear. I run towards the wall and wait for a colision but surprisily it doesn't happen I instantly fly through the wall. I open my eyes and to my surprise it looks just as before but with a beautiful red and balck train that reads Hogwarts Express. People with weird robes walk past me. I put my things on the train and sit down in a compartment. I pull out my book Alice in Wonderland. The boy with the lighning scar comes in and says may I sit here? Sure I say! He sits across from me and looks at my forehead. You have the scar too! Yeah got in in a dream. He looks at me weirdly. Don't tell anyone but Voldemort comes in my dreams and he tried to kill me but it didn't work and I got this scar. Me too! Wait your Harry Potter? Yeah. That's cool Ollivander told me we have the same wand. Really! Yep 11 1/2 phoenix core with unicorn hair. You do!? Yep. When did you find out your a witch he asks? Just 2 months ago. You? A month ago. Sweet. Just then the red haired boy comes in and says may I sit here all the other compartments are full. Sure I say sweetly. Bloody hell you guys have the same scars! Yeah we both say at the same time! Are you guys twins? No my name is Isadora Diggory, and I'm Harry Potter. Bloody hell I should have known it was you because of that scar! I am Ron Weasley. Hello Ron Weasley I say! We shake hands and then I get back to my book. Just then a girl with the same bushy brown hair as me comes and says have you guys seen a toad? A boy named Neville has lost it? Blimy what's your name she asks me? Isadora? We look about the same! She was right we both had freckles the same skin tone and big bushy brown hair. I had emerald green eyes and she had brown eyes though. Yeah I guess so. What to see some magic Ron asked? Oh magic the girl said let's see then. Sunshine Daisies butter mellow turn this stupid fat yellow! A flash of smoke and light pop up but other than that nothing happens. Is that a spell well it's not a very good one is it? To be honest I have only learned a few spells here and there but they have all worked out for me. Like this she points her wand at Harry's glasses Oculus Reparo. Instantly Harry's glasses rapair itself and he looks at them bewildered. That's better isn't it. Oh you must be Harry Potter i'm Hermoine Granger. She turns to Ron and you are? Ron Weasley he says between mouth fulls. Pleasure she sneers and then leaves. Oh that girl will get what is coming to her. Oh shut up Ron I like her she can fend for herself at least. To be honest that was a rotten spell Ron I say. Yeah yeah whatever. Finally Hermoine comes back after 2 hours we will be arriving soon you guys better put on your robes. Ok thanks Hermoine! She leaves and I go and change. We get out of the train and a giant man awaits us. Firs yers come here firs years. We gather around Harry yells out Hagrid! He stares down at Harry hello Harry. Then he stares at my forehead. Blimy you have that same lightning scar everyone turns to look at me. I gulp uh yeah got it in a dream I say shyly. Oh okay. We walk to a couple of boats in the water. Only 4 to a boat Hagrid yells! Me, Harry Hermoine and Ron go into the same boat. We row all the way to a beautiful castle and get out walking up the stairs. A lady with a stern face and emerald green robes stares at us. Hello welcome to Hogwarts, there are four houses Griffyndor, Ravenclaw, Hufflepuff, and Slytherin. Your house will be like your family you will hang out with them. Any shannigans and I will take points from your house, do something good and I will add points. At the end of the year who ever has the most points wins the house cup! Now give me a second I have to go make sure they are ready. She comes back 2 minutes later and says they are ready for you now. We follow her in a line Hermoine in front of me Harry in the back of me. We enter a room that has 4 long tables and the ceiling looks like the sky. A hat sits up front with a face and starts to sing a song. I ignore the hat until he calls the first name. Susan Bones. Hufflepuff! I wait until the hat says Hermoine Granger and she slumps up to the hat. I hear Ron whisper mental that one. I elbow him and he groans in pain. He then calls me Isadora Diggory! I run up and put the hat on my head. Hmmmm you are a tricky one very smart like Ravenclaw, very loyal like Hufflepuff, brave just like Gryffindor, and very ambitious and a great leader like Slytherin. Your brother is in Hufflepuff but I feel you will do better in Gryffindor! I smile and run to my table. Ron, Harry and Neville join the table and I sit next to Hermoine. The gang together again!  Author's note: Now there will be a time shift of about 3 years because I wanted to write for the 4th book.

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