Isadora Diggory and the great Hogwarts

Isadora Diggory lived a normal life until she starts having dreams. She finds out she is very different from other people. Follow Isadora on this journey as she tries to defeat you know who.


6. Chapter 6

The next month we get our Hogwarts letter and I smile widely yay Hogwarts! On september 1st we head to Hogwarts. I sit with the Gryffindors and they call the first years up I sit at the table bored until Dumbledore says Hello everyone and welcome back to Hogwarts! I have some exciting news We will behaving two other schools come here for the Triwizard tournament. I shout whoooo! Only people over 17 can do it though. I look down at the ground and I boo along with Fred and George. Oh be quiet it is for your own safety it is a dangerous course one that could absolutely kill anyone. So be warned if you do join. Well that was cheerful I say! Now everyone welcome Beaxubatons to our school! The doors open up and beautiful girls run across the hall doing flips and cartwheels effortlessly. Now welcome Durmstrang. A bunch of men come out holding flaming staffs and at the end I see the boy who winked at me Viktor Krum. He smiles as he walks by at Hermoine and me.

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