Isadora Diggory and the great Hogwarts

Isadora Diggory lived a normal life until she starts having dreams. She finds out she is very different from other people. Follow Isadora on this journey as she tries to defeat you know who.


5. Chapter 5 3 years later

I sit in my bedroom with Ginny and Hermoine on the other side of the bedroom. I brush out my straight brown hair. My once wild brown hair now turned a more light brown in the sun. My mother yells from down stairs girls time for breakfast. Hermoine and Ginny instantly ran down the stairs while I slowly got ready. I put a headband on and put mascara on with eyeliner and bright red lipstick. My blue tanktop has the words being different is a good thing on it. I skip down the stairs and sit between Hermoine and Ginny. My mom lays out a plate of bacon a plate of pancakes and eggs. Ginny starts to speak hey guys want to come to my house before Hogwarts. Can I go mom? Sure honey. Yes I say! I finish my breakfast and drag Hermoine and Ginny upstairs let's get dressed. You already are dressed. Yeah I mean you two. They get dressed fast and go to the fireplace. Bye mom! Bye honey! I grab the floo powder and yell out the burrow! I instantly land in the kitchen of The Weasley's house. Molly turns around and see's me. Isadora! So glad to see you! Hermoine and Ginny come up behind me and we run upstairs to Ron's room. Him and Harry sit on Ron's bed. I call out to them Hey guys! They turn around and smile widly. We hug each other into a group hug. I have missed you guys so much! Us too Izzy Harry says smiling. We catch up on what we have been doing this summer. Oh and Izzy Hermoine says we are going to the quidditch world cup do you want to come. Of course I do! The first year I had made the quidditch team and I was a chaser while Harry got Seeker. Cool. Molly comes up and says guys get ready. Wr gather around Mr. Weasley and start to walk for what seems like miles. Where are we going I ask Mr. Weasley? You'll see I walk next to Ginny and Hermoine and we find ourselves near a tree. An older man sits there and yells out Arthur! Guys this is one of my friends from the ministry Amos. He looks at me then Harry. An older boy jumps down from the tree and smiles at me. He looks familar but I can't point out why. This is Hermoine Granger, My daughter and son Ron and Ginny. Oh and you know who these two are. Wait Harry Potter and oh my gosh Isadora! Uh yeah? I am Amos Diggory! Oh hi! You must be Cedric I say putting my hand fowards so he can shake it. Instead he pulls me in a big bear hug. I walk next to Cedric the rest of the way. It is so amazing I have always wanted a sister. I have always wanted a brother I say beaming. We look just like each other he says! Yeah I guess so. How is mom he asks? Good how's dad? Fine. We make it to an old shoe and Amos says everyone gather around the shoe. I touch the shoe and we instantly fall onto the ground. Everyone falls on their butts but Cedric, Arthur, and Amos. I look around and see a bunch of tents and people flying around on broom sticks. Oh my gosh this is amazing me and Ginny say! We giggle at our twin telepathy. Arthur sets up a tent and we all gather in. On the outside it is small but on the inside it is massive. Wow I love magic I say laughing. Me and Harry sit on one side of the bed and Ginny and Ron run around the tent. I see Hermoine reading a book in the corner. I think to myself typical Hermoine. Harry turns towards me so Cedric's your brother? Yeah I guess so. I like your hair today Izzy! Thanks Harry! He walks towards Ron and they start running around. Ginny comes and sits down next to me what was that about? Oh nothing he just asked about Cedric. She looks at me and I grimace. I have liked Harry since the 2nd year and Ginny has loved him even before she came to this school. So I told her I wouldn't like him for her. She turns foward and smiles want to do something? Yes! We start to play tag around the whole tent. I finally tap Ginny on the shoulder and she runs after me with an evil grin on her face. She taps me on the shoulder just as Arthur calls out time for the game! I jump up and drag Ginny to the stadium. The stadium is beautiful and very very big. Can hold almost 150,000 he says. Really I say shocked! Yep. We sit up in the box at the top. I hear Lucius come up behind us and I sneer at him. What do you want Malfoy?! Now that is no way to talk to your elder. I don't care how I speak to you, you are vile. Oh such a feisy little girl we must do something about that. Draco looks at me with a glare what are you looking at Draco? Your ugly face. Oh that's funny because didn't you ask me out like 7 times just 3 months ago. That's very funny Draco very funny. I look at him one last time and walk away. Harry looking at me wide eyed he asked you out 7 times. Yep he really wants me I say laughing! He laughs too but I see a hurt look in his eyes. I shrug it off and run up to the top. We go in a line and watch as the irish come out and we all cheer. Then the Bulgarians come out and I sneer. A boy with a buzz cut comes out and everyone cheers. Isn't that Vicktor Krum I ask Hermoine. Yeah I think so she says smiling. The quidditch game lasted 3 hours with the Bulgarians winning I boo but quietly. I look at Viktor Krum and he gives me and Hermoine a smalll wink. I blush and so does Hermoine. We walk back and then in the middle of the night. I hear a crash and wake up. I look outside and everyone is running arouhd. Everyone up and out I yell! They all wake up and we run out. Don't split up Mr. Weasley yells! I instantly fall because someone runs into me. I see Harry has fallen down too and is knocked out. I run up towards him and slap him hard. He wakes up and everyone is gone by now. We try to hide but a man looks up at the sky and says something in language I understand because I am a parselmouth along with Harry. As soon as he is done me and Harry's scar starts to hurt like heck. I scream out silently and drag Harry behind the tent. The man has seen us and runs towards us then I hear Isadora Harry! Hermoine and Ron thank god! They find us and the man is already gone. Take Harry I have to do something real quick. Hermoine gives me a look and then frowns. Just go I yell! I run towards the man but I can't find him. Then I hear a crack and a green light hits me right in the back. I writher around in pain and then I scream. The person stops and looks at me. He kicks me in the face and I black out. When I wake up everyone is gathered around me. Harry yells at me you idiot what were you thinking. What was I thinking I was just trying to find out who that man was! You could have been killed. Well I didn't and i am fine just a headache. I rub my scar and sit down on the ground. Look here drink this Ginny hands me a bottle filled with a liquid. I drink it and I ask so who did that spell to me. Stupid Draco Malfoy Ron says. Of course I turn hi  down 7 times and suddenly he tries to kill me! Yeah something like that Harry Grunts. We go back to the burrow and I instantly fall asleep.

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