Isadora Diggory and the great Hogwarts

Isadora Diggory lived a normal life until she starts having dreams. She finds out she is very different from other people. Follow Isadora on this journey as she tries to defeat you know who.


3. Chapter 3

Back in the day there were two kids. Lily Evans and James Potter. Lily Evans absolutely hated James because she thought him to be too arrogant. James loved Lily though he asked her out non stop. Lily had a best friend his name was Severus Snape. One day James was bullying Severus and Lily stood up for Severus. When he came from off the ground he yelled in Lily's face ya filthy mudblood! What's a mudblood? A very bad word that describes someone born to non magical parents. He turned to my mom oh hi Iris how are you doing? Very fine Ollivander! Now back to the story I say! Okay in their 7th year Lily became smitten with James after him standing up for someone and not bullying anymore. They dated

while Severus joined Voldemort's


army they called themselves the

death eaters. Lily and James soon

got married and had a baby. They

named him Harry James Potter. They

were in the house one night when

Voldemort came because their friend

Peter Pettigrew told Voldemort

where they were hiding. James

fended off Voldemort but sadly left

his wand on the couch. James sadly

died, then Lily and Harry were upstairs hiding but Voldemort came in. No don't kill my baby! You can kill me! No move you silly girl! No I won't ! He killed her and attempted to kill Harry but surprisingly he didn't all that was left was his lightning scar on his forehead. Wait I have that same scar too! I pull back my hair and show him the scar on my forehead. Oh my goodness, it looks like you survived the killing curse also. Sweet! Not sweet this means that Voldemort will be after you same as Harry. Oh crap really! Yes. Well thank you again Ollivander. Me and my mom left to go the pet shop. 





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