Mighty Love

All that glitters is not gold, when Pia learnt that it was too late.
But nothing's ever too late to pick things up, she decided to win back her life but she didn't realize she might have to sacrifice few things along the way. After all life's not easy...


Author's note

A simple soul with a thirst for writing stories.

3. 2. Celebrations

"Let me see it" Pia felt her hand being pulled away, "oh darling! It's gorgeous!" Sonali, her mother said, overcome with happiness "I'm so happy for you beta!"

Pia hugged her, "me too Mama! I always dreamed of this moment, it's so perfect!" She was chatting with her when her father came in, "just got off the phone with your future father in law, they don't want to do the engagement"he said, with a serious face. 

Pia looked shocked, "what?" Even Sonali had a troubled expression on her face. Suddenly, he burst out laughing "they want a quick wedding!" 

Pia smacked his arm, "papa!you scared me!"she hugged him. He smiled, "are you happy sweetie?" 

She nodded, "more than you can imagine" she said, crazy with excitement. "Then I'm happy too!"he kissed her forehead "papa?" she looked up at him "is it okay to be so happy?"

He laughed "why?" She stared at the floor before answering "I don't know!all this happiness is making me a little scary". He smiled calmly, "Veer is a great guy, even his family. They'll love you like their own". She nodded, of course she had met his family; they were sweet people. 

Even at work, she was surrounded by her colleagues and friends "you're so lucky Pia!he's gorgeous" Sana, her friend squealed "when can we expect the big day?"

Pia blushed slightly "soon"she smiled. "We're so jealous of you right now!" Carol, another friend of her said, "yours is like a fairy tale romance". 

Pia laughed, they were right. She had always dreamed of her prince charming, who'll sweep her off her feet. She was working as a junior assistant engineer when she met Veer, a freshly joined neurosurgeon. 

She had gone to visit her aunt at the hospital where Veer was working. Since her aunt had no one else to tend to, Pia had decided to stay by her side. Veer was the doctor in charge, she liked the way he treated his patients. 

After her aunt had been nursed back to health, Pia was already close to him. After few days, he asked her out and she said yes. 

"See? She's still daydreaming about him!" Sana piped "I don't think she'll join office after marriage!" Everyone else laughed, "guys!" Pia chided but she didn't mind the teasing. It somehow felt good to hear about him and their lovestory. 

When she left home after work, she noticed a blue Mercedes parked inside their gate. Her heart raced, she knew it was Veer's car. 

Anxious and excited, she immediately took out her foundation from her bag and liberally applied on her face. 

"There she is!" Her father beamed when he saw her. Pia entered, and saw that Veer was sitting on the sofa, and beside him were his parents, Shyam and Devika Ghai. 

"Hi beta!" Devika smiled at her sweetly, "come sit with us!" Pia glanced at Veer briefly before sitting with them. Veer looked at her and nodded, she knew he was trying to tell her not to worry. But still she was nervous. 

"We have decided to keep the wedding after a month, is it okay with you?" His father asked, Pia  didn't know how to answer that, she fiddled with her ring and slowly gave a nod. 

"She's shy to say out loud!"his mother said and everyone laughed. Veer smiled at her and he wouldnt have looked more charming, she thought. 

They hugged each other, and sweets were exchanged. Veer winked at her and she blushed at that. 

That night in bed, she was dreaming about him when her mother walked in "still awake?"she teased. Pia smiled "just about to sleep". Sonali stroked her hair, "within a month you'll leave us, I can't believe you grew up so fast!"

Pia hugged her "oh mama!"she could feel tears coming out "I'm not so far!I'll come to visit you often!" 

Sonali smiled, "make us proud okay?" Pia nodded, "I'll never let you down!"

Things were going really great. 



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