Mighty Love

All that glitters is not gold, when Pia learnt that it was too late.
But nothing's ever too late to pick things up, she decided to win back her life but she didn't realize she might have to sacrifice few things along the way. After all life's not easy...


Author's note

A simple soul with a thirst for writing stories.

2. 1.introduction

The rains were terrible in Mumbai, she thought as she rushed past the muddy roads, her high heels clicking beneath the watery footpath. 

Oh no!I'm going to be late  for the meeting, she cursed under her breath. The makeup she applied had faded long time back, she didn't even have time to redo again. 

She finally reached the restaurant, she removed her coat, and corrected her pink skirt. "I have a reservation!"she said to the waiter. "Pia Chaudhary?"the waiter smiled at her "this way ma'am"he led her to a corner of the room. 

She walked over to the last row when her heart fluttered as she saw him .

"Hey!"he winked at her, extending his hand. She took it and he kissed ii softly. She smiled "hey you".

"I'm sorry I'm late!"she said as he helped her to sit. "Doesn't matter! I was late myself"he said and she laughed, "Veer Ghai!and late?never thought I could get to hear this Mr punctual!"she teased. 

"Being your boyfriend changed me in many ways"he teased her back. 

"I'm glad to oblige you"she took his hand. 

"Trust me!you could do more"he was back to flirting and she liked it. In their two years, even with lots of arguments and fights, never had their relationship seemed dull. 

"You'll have to wait for that"she fixed her gaze on him.

"Oh that's the problem you see!I can't wait anymore"he moved closer to her, much to her surprise and stood on his knees. 

"Pia Chaudhary!marry me"he had a glittering diamond ring in his hand. She could feel goosebumps on her whole body. The moment she had been dreaming had finally come. 

"Oh yes!"she hardly whispered, her mouth completely dry. He wore the ring in her trembling finger, and kissed it. 

"Wait a minute!" She suddenly remembered "what about our parents?" He clasped his hand in hers "I already told them, it was their idea"he winked. 

She hugged him happily, "oh Veer!I'm so happy". He hugged her back, "I love you angel!" 

It was just the beginning. 




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