Sad Love

Its about sad love


1. Part 1

​I met this great guy and I knew I would fall in love with him and surly enough I was right I fall in love, and I wasn't going to tell him that I liked him but I was told its better to tell him and so that's what I did, told him I liked him, and little did I know he has a girlfriend :( so time went by and the feelings got stronger and stronger, and I didn't know what to do so I thought talking to him was the right thing to do but oh boy was I wrong , it only made things between us worse and I'm breaking inside to the point were I would self harm, think I'm not good enough or worse, and of cause I wasn't gonna tell him this because it would only hurt him and I don't like him hurt because I care about him too much, maybe its best if I stop being friends with him, but worse because he's knows things that people don't know about :( anyways ill probably talk to him tomorrow maybe I don't know if he will talk to me     

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