I'm a odd combination of really sweet and don't mess with me

Sweet little Angel to a devil Artemis fowl learns how quick Girls can change


1. Dance

Artemis Fowl was being force to go to the dance with the school for young gentlemen met up with young Ladies the school across the street. He sighed and leaned on the wall as he watch couples go by. He turned, because this was a waste of his time and bumped into a girl. She fell her notebook hitting her in the head. She glared at him her eyes literally looked like daggers. Being taught to act like a gentleman he offered her a hand. She ignored it muttering about how men take all the credit. She got up and closed her notebook. When she stood there for a while waiting. He realized she wanted a apology." Sorry Er-?" " Val. Val Ross." She said shaking his hand." Artemis Fowl the second." He said politely. " that means  you Artemis Seniors son." She realized. He raised an eyebrow ." Excuse do you need something?" He asked in a go away tone." Didn't Fowls were clumsy." She said in a French accent instead of Irish one. He was taken aback.  " I have the feeling I'm not so welcome in your presence." She said in a not so caring way." Your not." He answered." She twisted her brown hair and her blue eyes died of spark. She looked like a gorgeous Barbie doll. " I'll remember that. Fowl ". She scoffed and walked off to join  a family that looked mighty rich. When Artemis' Mother finally said it was time to leave he left into the car.

That night his mind drifted off in to thinking about her. His imagination thought she winked at him before stalking off, the other side of him cursed him self for being hormoner. 


The next day Angelina told him that there were going to a family's house that he should remember they had a very intelligent young woman that he used to play with when he was little. 

Val Ross did not appreciate Artemis presence. She said hello then went straight to her room."Valentina! Please come down." Her mother said with irritation. No answer. " Artemis why don't you go up there and get her." Angelina asked not really asking. Artemis sighed and went upstairs and found a door mark. " If You don't want me to dig a hole in a glacier and put you in it I suggest you knock or better yet go away and let me be !"  the sign said. Artemis chuckled and knocked. Val opened the door and glared at him." Did you read the sign?" She asked snarky." Yes I did. Humorous may I come in now?" He asked." Fine what ever don't touch anything!" 


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