I'm a odd combination of really sweet and don't mess with me

Sweet little Angel to a devil Artemis fowl learns how quick Girls can change


2. By the diary

afther Artemis saw her computer and challenged her to hack the groverment. She could do it but stubbornly refused. They got in a agrument and she started to cry, softly. She sadly wiped them away then called him a jerk and ordered him out.

That night her search her up.

Valentine Rose  Ross


hobby: used to sing

place: France.

He purposely hacked into her files and came across a very interesting one.

Dear Stupid Diary,

March 4th 2014

Mother made me go to a stupid dance. Of course I didn't dance, but I figured out the Blackouts happen often in that school, I also met a very annoying boy, his kinda a jerk but he is also kinda cute if you stare at him long enough, also what happens when Father figures out I'm here in Ireland will he kidnap me? Anyways I'm writing to you because if I don't make friends mother said she'll put me in a Dating Project! I really hope my senses will work again. Mother said I should like boys because I'm hormonal but I still think some are pretty dumb.

sincerely yours any only yours,

Valentine R.Ross  

Dear extra Dumb Diary,

March 1st2015

I was recently kidnapped by a abusive father. My father, though he wasn't always like that. Anyway I'm moving to Ireland, lucky me! (Sarcasm) anyway I'm sorry I haven't wrote in you yesterday. I love you.

yours only,

Valentine Rose  Ross💋💋

Dear Diary,

March 5th,2015

I can't find the Virus someone sent me. I've printed you out so you won't get earsed


Artemis thought and then printed out the Diary which was filled with secrets. He ran over the part where she said he looked cute and smirked. he sent the Virus and there was no way he was going to git rid of it. He was startled by a loud knock on his window. Holly Short hovered at the window. He opened it to let her in she landed and took off her helmet.

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