Posiden's Kid

Meet Marine, A girl given to half blood camp as a baby and disappeared showing up in random places, the girl also won't accept her father Posiden . so his Claiming mark flashing a pond her head about every 30 seconds unless she's around a mortal event


2. The Half Sister

Marine Vance had on a black shirt with a chest plate on top it was brown, then she had her Greek braces and her jeans, her curly blonde hair was pulled in a bun. her sword  strapped to her waist. Her sat in a Classroom with dozens of other Half bloods in a protected school for  Demigods,Mortals that see through the mist, Satyrs,Descendants of Demigods,and so on. She would have fell asleep it it weren't for her Claiming sign flashing above her head. She drummed her fingers on the table. a adult demigod daughter of Athena Was her teacher. Mrs. Martin. She went on and on about something Marine really didn't want to hear. "Marine?" Mrs.Martin asked."Yes?" Marine jumped." I said please tell me the causes of the Trojan war?" She repeated. I peer in my book and i didn't get far before i realized My dyslexia made me read it wrong." Marine are you having trouble?" The teacher asked. " The Trojan War was cause by Iris?" I read in my head. was it Eris or Iris those are to different Goddesses? Are they? I read it again."The Trojan war was cause by Eris." I squinted.   "Marine try reading the one in Greek instead." Mrs.Martin said. a row of laughs erupted from the class. I read it again in a different book. "The Trojan War was cause by Eris." I read out loud. "Thank you Marine. the teacher said. i breathe a breath of relief. Class ended and as i walked outside a boy with Curly hair and a teenage outfit was waiting with another boy with sea green eyes, and A girl with stormy gray eyes. My two friends Ryan a girl daughter of Pomona goddess of fruit and Conner Son of Zeus were by my side. "Marine Vance. Where have you been, people think your dead."The boy with the teen clothes said."And who are you supposed to be?" Ryan asked." Im Apollo."He said. My color from my cheeks drain." Oh-No." I whispered. He looked at me crossing his arms." Oh-No is right. your in trouble Blonde."

I must have fainted because woke up in a taxi. I was using Conner lap as a pillow.   

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