Posiden's Kid

Meet Marine, A girl given to half blood camp as a baby and disappeared showing up in random places, the girl also won't accept her father Posiden . so his Claiming mark flashing a pond her head about every 30 seconds unless she's around a mortal event


4. meet Nico

A hand waved in front of me. "Marrrrrrrrrrrrrrry?"  Devon singsong. I had Ben ignoring him for the past two hours now thinking about my little brother Cassie. Big blue eyes, Curly black hair, a tooth missing in his smile. he must hair been eight years old and i missed sssssssoooooooo much

a boy with dark hair interrupted my thoughts. " My names Nico Di Angelo " He held his hands outs."
"Marine Vance You can call me Mary though" I shook his hand." Daughter of Barnacle   Beard eh?" He asked." Barnacle Beard? It has a nice ring to it."  "Yeah you could say that. I hate my father. It's a deep hate. Despise what he did. how he did it and why he did it". I said all at once. "Okay..... M the son of Hades.

talk about hate.'' I felt sorry for this guy. probably had  no friends.

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