Posiden's Kid

Meet Marine, A girl given to half blood camp as a baby and disappeared showing up in random places, the girl also won't accept her father Posiden . so his Claiming mark flashing a pond her head about every 30 seconds unless she's around a mortal event


3. I argue with a god i will probably go to a mental hospital after this

 I shot up hitting Ryan head. "Ouch!" She wined." Sorry.....uh where i'm i?" I asked." Right now tour in a taxi." Conner said Obnoxiously. Ignored him. Apollo crossed his arms." Your going to half blood camp, Marine" He said. "No i'm not." I said." Yes you are." "No i'm not." "Yes you are."  "You can't make me." I said stubbornly. a voice in my head a male voice said,'' Marine Go to camp, Return to the sea."  I blinked."  Fine I'll go but___ I'm not wearing the T-shirt." i said." Yes you are." Apollo handed me a old suit case, familiar. i opened in side was my baby blue leather jacket matching biker gloves, my Shea Shell pants my Mermaid bra shirt, my boots, Camp necklace with my trident charm, my Shea shell bracelets and  the red shirt. " These won't fit." i said. There had to be a excuse for them to fit, they probably fit fine. I blew my blond hair out my face though it landed in my face again. I shook my head so it would flip it's self to the other side. The other boy's eyes widen."What?" I snapped. "  Marine is a strange child so when she was claim by her father she didn't accept him so now he kinda begs her to accepts in with the claim over and over again. "Apollo explained." I'm not strange!" I protested." You forgot you could breathe under water and you almost drowned."Connors noted. Ryan smiled.I had to admit that day was funny. I rolled my eyes."Mary this is Percy your half brother, this is his girlfriend daughter of Athena,Annabeth, i glanced up and then i went back to fingering the charms."Don't like Posiden?" Percy asked. "Never said that" I answered."So Apollo i hear your human now." Ryan asked a glint of mischief in her eyes. I looked up."Yeah man what did you do?" I asked.He shrugged.

the taxi stopped and we jumped out. Half-blood camp had not changed. Chiron met us and looked at me like i did something wrong. I looked away. I hate that look.  "This is Reanna,And Conner I said. "Daughter of Pomona, and Son of Zeus. " I said. chewed on my nail. Ryan said hi and so did  Conner. i stayed  silent. "Dionysus going to be glad theirs more of you.   Dionysus was not glad. 

he dranked his Coke then spit it out when he saw me." You! your that extremely annoyingly toddler that cried all day." He realized."Um,Sorry I  guess." said not so sorry."I thought you were dead." He noted." Hello to you to." T answered." What was your name again?" He asked."Marine Vance" . I said .  "Oh your that kid who sat in this chair all day bothering me." He said pointing to the chair next to him.  "More like the other way around'. I  was a very needy child. 

"A you are a very unhealthy god"  Marine thought. Dionysus interrupted her thought with his own. 

Mr.D: Excuse me

Mary: I didn't say anything.

MrD:Yes you did

Mary: To be fair i didn't actually say it

Mr.D:You thought Marine!


Mr.D: N-no i don't

Mary:Get out my head then!

Surprising i learned  6 years ago Mr.D loves me as a daughter but i also scare the SHIT out of him

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