The Life of a Grier

My name is Madelyn Taylor-Jayne Grier. I am a viner and youtuber. I have three brothers and yeah could could probably guess who. Nash is older than me by three years but Hayes and me are twins. Born in New York raised in Morresville, North Carolina. Hayes and I are pretty much attached at the bone. Until he went to LA with Nash to do Dancing With The Stars. God that was something I had always wanted to do. See I had danced pretty much my whole life until I turned 15. I never told my fan base the full story so here we go. I’m going to explain the life of a Grier.


Author's note

This is my first time write so feedback would be nice xx

5. Back To The Old Times

Chapter 5 I woke up to Sammy moving into me. He was cute when he was sleeping. I felt like I was moving to fast. I mean I just broke up with Reed. I don’t want to be one of those girls. You know the ones that go from guy to guy. “Hey gorgeous” Mads was awake. “Hey” was all I replied. I was to into my thought to start a conversation. To stop one from coming I got grabbing a hoodie from my things and walking out to the balcony. “Are you okay baby girl?” she followed me. Great! “Does someone classify as a slut if they went from one guy to the next but even the first guy was a dick?” I asked her. I always looked at Mads like a sister. My fan base actually say that me, Madison and Maggie Linnerman are like triplets cause we look a like. “Let me guy Reed’s the dick and Sammy it the other guy?” “Yeah” I felt tears forming in my eyes. I don’t want to be one of those girls. “Mal I know that in your case you have every right to move on with someone who will treat you better. No time occurs in that situation. You could never be one of those girls. Ever! I mean it” She moved closer to me embracing me. I don’t understand how people hate this girl. She does nothing but fill me with joy. Though she was dating Jack. He was seen as the ‘better’ Jack. Yeah right there is no difference “Thanks Mads” I had been out on the balcony since mine and Madison’s talk. The others had woken up and were heading down to breakfast. Sammy came out and hug me from behind. “You coming?” I shook my head signaling no. With that he kissed my cheek but I needed more. No one was around to see. You know cause the only one who know is Madison. As turned away from me I grabbed the hem of his shirt pulling him back. “What the cheek is all I get after what I got last night” I could stop the smile from forming. I placed my hand on the back of his neck, pulling him closer. Until that spark rushed through me notifying me out lips had connected. Our lips were in sync. I never felt this many butterflies in my stomach ever. Not with my first boyfriend Baylor Barnes or Reed. We pulled apart both out of breath. Though his ear to ear smile made me melt. “I will be back later okay” he walk out and caught up with the others. Madison was right I deserved this. I deserved him. Then that god me thinking maybe I don’t. All of the Omaha boys have this fuck boy reputation. My thoughts were interrupted by a knock on the door. “One second” I moved towards the door. As I opened the door my heart staring beating really fast. There stood in my door way was my bestfriend. Shauna! Just like Alexis I had grown up with her. Her, Alexis and I were known as the “Trio” on vine and Magcon. That was until Alexis left. I engulfed her in a hug. Stumbling a little bit. The tears that had been scream to come out of my eye finally relaised. She had been on a vacation with her mom and dad when everything went down. We walked into the room falling on to my bed. “ I heard and I have missed you. You don’t need to explain anything” god that made me feel better. I couldn’t explain that whole nightmare again. I just smiled at her. She was home. She was with me. After we sat and talk for like forty minutes we decided to go and join the others. Walking out of my room shutting and locking the door behind me. We walked arm in arm down to the elevator. The elevator dinged and we hoped in. Once we made it to the first floor we saw Bart. “Hey girls go the back way, fans are all over the front.” we laughed. God I felt bad for him. Every single one of us were a pain in his arse. We eventually made it to the others and I walk straight to Nash and hugged him.I informed him on me and Sammy having a “thing”. His eyes went wide and he was happy it was finally happening.. Its weird. You know? I feel like me and Sam have some what got a better understanding of each other over night than I did with Reed in the whole time we were together. “Yo, let do something cool before the show?” Taylor and Rupp always seen to have the ideas to make our time together a little less boring. “Where to then you two” Matt jumped with them. “Yeah where are your two dumbass going to lead us this time” Carter did have a point. They stood there thinking for felt like forever, leaving the rest of us to sit around waiting like flies. “Let’s go to the beach, I feel like I haven’t been to one in forever!” I stated trying to give them an idea. “ Cause you haven’t” Johnson let out a laugh. I removed myself from Sam to chase him. Eventually I caught up to him. Jumping on his back. Both of us let out laughs. God I had missed him. He treats me like a little sister. See Johnson only has an older brother. Having someone to look out for brought him great joy. “She’s right lets go to the beach” I always win. We all move to the elevator, but there are to many of us to fit into the tiny little space. I was still on Johnson’s back. So he decided that we would race then by taking the stairs. We somehow managed to win. Thanks to Cameron forgetting to hit the button. We all went our separate ways to got get ready for the beach. The girls had their stuff already while still had to pull mine out of my suitcase. They picked out my flouro pink bikini with my multi colored denim high waist short. I threw a crop top over head. Grabbing my towel, phone and sunglasses. Us girl were the last to get there. The wasn’t to far from the hotel so we just walked. The boys were already in the water wrestling. We just sat down of the sand. Slowly I started to fall asleep until I felt drips of water on my leg. Next thing I knew I was being picked up, by multiple people. Turn out I was the only one out of the water. “No put me down” I begged until the rush of cold water hit my warm body. I get up out of the water to see all of the boys laughing their arses off. At least they were smiling.
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