No Words

Harry and Louis are no longer talking. Could this be the end to there friends ship or is it just a piece of the puzzle leading up to a bigger picture?


1. They Don't Talk

The last time Harry and Louis spoke was a year ago on a phone call. After that they never spoke again though no in the band was quite sure why or what had happened to split the friends up. "Maybe we should just lock them in  a room together until they make up." Liam said to the lads they all worked together think up a way to bring the friends back together. "We don't know if they had a fight though and if they did fight locking them up might end up with one of them dead." Zayn chimed in looking a bit worried. Niall on the other hand stay quite as the two of them talked out ideas. The truth was that Niall was the only one who really knew why they weren't talking to each other. After all Louis did live with him but he promised not to tell any one and he was an Irish man of his word. It seemed to be now that the other lads noticed Niall hadn't said a word through out the whole discussion they were having. "Niall you don't know anything do you?" Liam asked looking at the short blond boy with a raised eyebrow "Well I know why Louis won't talk to Harry but I'm not sure why Harry won't talk to Louis and before you ask me to tell you I can't. I promised Lou that I wouldn't breath a word." Liam sighed and nodded looking back to Zayn for guidance. "Well can you tell us if it's a really bad or just something small we can work with?" Niall had to think a bit but then nodded. "It's a big deal." 

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