Growing Up as Baby Lux

It's a couple years later and Lux is all grown up living the dream. Yet what will happen if she comes across a photo she was never meant to see?


2. Spending time with Uncle Harry and Louis

   The two spent most of the day cleaning and packing up boxes until the whole house was done. Harry collapsed on tot he floor in a sweat being over dramatic followed by his niece who was 15 with a small laugh. "Tomorrows your birthday right?" He asked trying to act dumb but only got a hit in the arm in response. "Well have you picked out a dress or decided what you wanted to wear for your birthday party. Turning 16 is a big deal you know." Lux made a thoughtful face as she dreamt up her dream dress but then frowned. "Yeah, I've thought it over and over a thousand times and looked at dresses upon dresses but there's still one I go back to every time. I just know its the perfect dress!" Harry smiled and layed his head so it was facing her. "So then why do you look so glum about it?" Lux sighed and looked up at the ceiling. "Well it's just that the dress I really expensive. Mom said she doesn't think she can afford to buy it and have my party so I have to settle for a different dress." Harry frowned at hearing how sad she sounded and thought up an idea. "Why don't we go out and look at dresses with Uncle Louis when he gets back since he has a better fashion sense then me and you can show us the dress. If it's not to much well get it for you a as an early birthday present." Lux smiled once again and looked over at her Uncle. 

​   "Your a big dork you know that right?" She giggled earning a laugh back from Harry. "Dork yes but only when I'm trying to make my favorite girl smile." He said and pulled her into a hug as Louis walked through the door. "Okay the moving van will be a little late so we got some time to kill what do you guys want to do?" He wasn't surprised when he walked in to see Harry with Lux since he knew she was coming over to help them move. "How about we go dress shopping?" Harry said earning him self a really weird look from Louis. "Harry is there something your trying to tell me?" Louis said with a small laugh. "No but tomorrow is Lux's birthday and she needs a dress." Louis jumped and looked over at the 15 year old girl and then back his husband. "Well then I guess where dress shopping today." He said heading back to the car with keys in hands as Lux and Harry cheered following Louis out of there soon to be empty house. 

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