Growing Up as Baby Lux

It's a couple years later and Lux is all grown up living the dream. Yet what will happen if she comes across a photo she was never meant to see?


1. All Grown Up

   Many years had passed and Lux had grown into a beautiful young lady. As she was helping her uncle Harry clean out his attack to move into his new house she came across a photo of a group of lads. They seemed so happy that she wondered why he never spoke of them before. "Uncle Harry? Who are these people in this photo with you?" She asked bring him the picture of the lads. Harry picked up the photo and smiled a little bit. "I used to be a band." He said softly with a small smile on his face. Lux watched the smile on his face with a warm but yet curious heart in mind. "You seemed like you really liked your band mates so what happened to you guys? Why did you all split up?" She asked but got shot down right from the start. "That's a story I'll tell you when you get a little older." He had a cheeky grin on his face now as he went down stairs carrying some boxes. Lux grabbed a couple boxes following not to far behind him as she groaned annoyed. "But I'm all ready turning 16 how much older do I need to be before you'll tell me!" She whined as he helped her down the ladder. "Okay fine if you think your ready to find out the truth then I'll tell you the story on your sweet 16 as a present." Suddenly her face lite up with excitement as she dropped the boxes and leapt right into Harry's arms smiling. "I'm holding you to your word on that Uncle Harry." Harry nodded and let out a chuckle wondering if he had made the right move now but he knew it was to late to go back on his word now. 

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