Living with 6 brothers

This is about a 16-year-old girl named Jewel who has 4 older brothers, a twin, and a younger brother. They're all overprotective of her because she is their only sister. Her dad left a little bit after her younger brother was born and her mom just got in a car crash and she is stuck in a coma. Her and her brothers have to move in with their uncle, aunt, cousin, and her cousins friends. What will happen to her, will everything get better or get worse? Find out in this story


2. The News

I wake up and I run downstairs until I reach my mom's room. I knock on her door and I get no reply, I slowly open the door and I realize that she isn't in there. I close her door back and locks it, I tie the key around my neck. I walk to the living room, the house phone rings and I walk over to it. I answer it and I say,


"Yes, hi. Is this a child of Scarlett Kane?"

"Yes, this is her daughter Jewel... Who is this?" 

"This is the hospital. Your mom is in a coma due to a car crash."

"What's her room number and me and my brothers are about to come over now."

"Her room number is 236." 

"Okay, thank you."

I hang up the phone, and I grab the emergency air horn. I blow the horn and all my brothers come running down the stairs and they line up. I shout to them, "Mom is in a coma at the hospital due to a car crash. We all need to get ready cause we're about to visit her right now." They all nod then run back up the stairs to their rooms. As soon as they're out of sight I run upstairs to my room. I pick out some clothes from my closet.  (I change into the outfit below.)

 I sit on the stairwell and I slide down, but when I get to the bottom of the stairwell I see my cousin and his friend. I walk around them and I shout for Jackson. He comes running and hugs me, I smile and I hug him back. My hair is a mess, he starts to put my hair up in a ponytail and says,

 "Why can't you do your own hair?" 

"I'd rather wear my hair down, but you're always putting it up for me." 

He finishes and says, "I'm sorry." I shrug my shoulders and I tell him, "Oh it's mighty fine. I don't mind at all, that way I don't have to do it." I giggle and I run outside to the truck completely ignoring Ryker and Keith. I hop in the back and I look towards the door, and I see Scott pushing them out of the house. He locks the door and walks over to the truck, he gets in the driver seat and Seth gets in the passenger side when he unlocks the doors. Everybody else is already seated in the back with me. I smile and George looks at me and asks, 

"Is mom going to be okay?"

"I don't know George, but I really hope she wakes up soon. I can't stand knowing that she's in a coma."

He nods his head and I pull him into a hug and he starts to cry a bit. I look up at the sky trying not to cry myself. I close my eyes and I think to myself I really hope that mom is going to be alright. I look down at George and I notice that he fell asleep, I kiss his forehead and he squirms a bit. I smile while rolling my eyes and I look up at the clouds. 

A little while later we arrive at the hospital. I wake George up, he tries to stand up but stumbles on his feet. Cosmo catches him and puts George on his back and George falls back asleep. I hop out the back of the truck and I walk towards the door, they all follow behind me and Seth walks up beside me and asks, 

"What room is she in?" 

"She is in room 236." 


He puts me on his back and starts to walk towards moms room and he slowly opens the door like I did earlier today. When the door is completely open he walks into the room with everyone not that far behind him. I get off his back and I walk towards her bed and I see scratches all over her and I scream some, I start to cry and I turn to Seth and I cry into his jacket. He wraps his arms around me and rubs my back while whispering, "It'll be alright mom will come through, she always does. You know that she does." I look up at him with tears in my eyes and I notice that tears are streaming down his eyes and he's crying quietly. I think to myself, I'm not sure if he's trying to convince me or if he's trying to convince himself. Either way, I don't think it's working for either one of us. I pull away from him and I walk out the door everybody is calling my name but I just block the sound out. I keep walking and I see people standing there, I realize that it's my uncle, aunt, cousins, and Ryker's friend. I look at Luna and tears start to form in my eyes again and I hug her. She hugs me back and kisses the top of my head while saying, "We're going to live with y'all until your mom comes out of her coma." I nod my head and I pull away then I look at Stella, she starts to cry and says, 

"Pwease don't cwy. It make me cwy." 

I nod my head and I pull her into a hug and I say, "Okay, I won't cry anymore because I get to spend more time with you." I wipe her tears then I tap her nose gently. She automatically starts giggling and I pick her up and I spend her around and I whisper in her ear, "You can stay in my room with me." She giggles and her smile gets bigger. I put her down and I hug Henry, he hugs back and I smile. His hugs are much different from anybody else, he treated me like a daughter when my father left us. That's probably why Ryker hates me cause he'd pay more attention to me than him. I pull away from him and I ask,

"How have you been Uncle?"

"I've been good, I missed my favorite niece though."

"I'm your only niece."

"Exactly my point." He says and I laugh and I look up at him. I see that he is smiling and I hear someone clear their throat, I look and notice that it was Ryker and I say, "Ryker, Keith. Good to see you two again." They nod and they say, "Likewise." I feel my shirt being tugged and I see that it's George, he has tears in his eyes again and I pull him into a hug. I ruffle his hair to calm him down. He calms down and sits in chair then tells me,

George: "We are worried about you sis, you haven't been this mad ever. Some of us are kinda scared cause you weren't even this mad when dad left us."

Me (Jewel): "Th-they're scared of me?"

He nods his head a bit and I take deep breaths. I get down on my knees and I ask him, 

Me: "Can you keep a secret George?"

George: "Yes, Yes I can keep a secret!!"

Me: "Alright, I've actually been madder than this before. When my boyfriend broke up with me, I told y'all that I broke up with him. But he really broke up with me and I was upset, but I never told anyone because y'all would really be upset."

George: "He what?! I'll find him and I will murder him!!!"

He jumps up and is about to walk out. I grab the back of his shirt and I pull him back to the seat. Keith walks over and says, 

"So Gabriel broke up with you? I knew he would do it eventually."

I turn and look at him with fury and hate in my eyes then I say, 

Me: "See, that's why I hate you. You're always trying to make me feel down and do the worst that I can, you and my cousin are the worst people that I know. I also know that he was threatened to break up with me because he had so much sadness in his eyes and his voice, he was on the verge of crying. When I find out who told him to break up with me I will hurt them to where they'll never mess with me again." 

Keith: "But what if there are more than one and what if they are  stronger-"

Me: "Now let me just stop you right there. Cause there is no one I know who is stronger than me and if you're right and it is more than one person then I'll have twice the fun." 

Before he can say anything else Jackson walks out with the rest of my brothers and we head to the truck. Seth sits in the back this time and I lay my head in his lap. I fall asleep as the truck starts to move and darkness takes over my eyes.

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