My grandmother

I've remembered how much I loved my grandmother cause I know that she knitted me a pink sweater and I made cookies with her.


Author's note

I miss her so much

2. Going to my grandmothers house

Everyday I would go to my grandmothers house every year when I would go to Florida on vacation every school year, but I knew that my mom was so tired that I couldn't go to my grandmothers house eighteen years ago in the summer time after I graduated kindergarten and going to first grade! I went to Florida every christmas which was good and I enjoyed it a lot, but I had to stop going to Florida on christmas break! I enjoyed making cut out cookies at my grandmothers house and I frost them and put sprinkles on them, but when my mom had a cookie, she scraped the sprinkles off in the sink cause she couldn't have sprinkles on them.


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