diary of a wimpy gay

dear diary,

idk i'm awful at descriptions and this is a diary so :/


2. *jean valjean voice* who am i?

ok so i realize in the last post i didn't introduce myself super well and maybe y'all wanted to know more

either that or i am Conceited As Hell

(probably the latter tbh)


sooooo yeAH allow me to tell y'all about myself a lil better

actually y'all know what i'm gonna style this like i would a character in a roleplay

(props to Tuesday for the rp character layout, bless u <3 )



Pseudonym: Mallory Papes

Nickname: Mally, Papes, MP

Age: 17 (18 this weekend!!)

Sex: not yet ;)))) (jk am cis female)

Orientation: bi!! (ok ok if you wanna get Super Technical, it's panromantic heterosexual; aka romantically attracted to all genders and sexually attracted to males. idk why but the thought of being Sexually Active With A Female is hella scary to me :// would however smooch the heck out of a girl!!)

Eyes: brown

Hair: natural brunette, but have dyed it ginger for a couple years now!!

Height: 5ft 2 (Short Bean)

Weight: of the world is on her shoulders (jk like 160something)

Body: got them Soft Tummy Rolls, chubby lil baby and learning to embrace it <3

Personality: Loud but shy around new people, music taste isn't complete shite, idk got the personality of a wet sloth

Faults: constantly anxious, Huge Bitch, massive depressive episodes like every month, short attention span and pretty much no attention to detail (thanks ADHD)

Quirks: can meow like a cat

Likes: books, music, the bf, seafood, fandoms, sleeping, the bf, supernatural (both the tv show and ghosty shit), video games, THE BF, leaving people on read

Dislikes: being left on read, getting spooked, fighting with the bf, depression n anxiety, burnt toast, Loud Things, being treated like a child, eggs, milk,


"Friggin yikes!"

"Jesus frowns upon us."

"Do I look like someone who understands physics?"

"Sure, Jan."

"I care about three things: my boyfriend, good food, and video games. Everything else can bite my ass and choke."

"*various quotes from books and tv shows and games*"  



and there you have it


in all my goblin splendour

hope this was informative  



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