The Future

This poem is about the islmaic view over how thing is changing at that people espacially mothers are worried that their kid wil disobey Allah. And how we can change that.


1. The future

She was on her knees

praying to The Almighty, like oh God please

Protect my kids from all these bad sins

Rest their mind and

clear their sind

this world is going mad

it’s turning every mother into a maniac

Shaytan is pulling girls scarfs back

And we are sitting here all laid back

We need to find the trigger

to make everything slicker

Even make the unionen bigger

But shaytan got them wrapped around his pinky finger

so they won’t even look back.


Bounce back

to them old times

Were people didn't even care about a dime

But now we need to look forward

These people need to hear it word for word

They must be taught they must learn.

Cause one day it will be your turn

to stand on the day of judgement

and be heard.

With no crowd

Just you and the Almighty

would you then be standing proud?

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