Begin Game

Prepare yourself to be enthralled by this immersive short story jam-packed with action and magic, perfect for a quick read.


1. Begin Game



Game log: 1

Game time: 2200

Life force: connected

Bpm: 140

Clan: None

Skill: 12


I open my eyes to a large black room with a corridor lit at the far end. There are three large stained glass windows behind me and not much in the room aside from myself. For now the windows will have to suffice for light... 


I start exploring the room and begin to take note of things like the lack of light and other things that may pose a threat. There is another player, a mage of sorts, who is checking her inventory and cleaning her weaponry. We acknowledge each other and begin minding our own business again.



Game log: 2

Game time: 2253

Life force: connected

Bpm: 175

Clan: None



There are very large thundering footsteps approaching from behind us. The mage and I are running with two others. One is a tall brunette wearing armor and wielding an enchanted spear. The other is a man of average height who is wearing a maroon cloak.


The mage runs down the corridor while the warrior and warlock follow close behind. The mage stops at a wall and knocks five times, each time revealing a new tile. The tiles glow and are different colors, representing part of a magic code. She then presses her left ear against the wall and begins to push. We all take a nervous step back as a hidden room is revealed.


The beast is nearly in the corridor when we discover the space to be occupied by another group. We shut the wall and begin to run down the corridor until we arrive at an open space. I repeat what i saw the mage do and open the door to a new room. This room contains a moonlit window and a wooden chest with an enchanted seal.


We enter the room as the beast reaches the door way. I run to the wooden chest while the warrior and mage fight the beast. I press my palm to the lid and focus on releasing the seal as the mage begins casting protection spells. The warrior begins to struggle with the beast, lunging at it in desperate attempts to best it. The beast breaks through the wall and the mage joins the warrior as she wields a sword.


I turn to the center of the room and find the warlock writing a magic circle. Glowing blue light pulses between floor tiles as the circle grows. The warrior and mage use this to their advantage and trap the beast inside. As their foe weakens the chest opens. I feel a searing pain as two golden serpents climb my arms and fuse to my skin. They begin to glow and heat as I shriek in agony.


I turn around and look up at the beast. There is too much power! I point my arms toward the beast and release the energy onto the beast as electric fire. The beast disintegrates under my flame leaving nothing in its wake.



Game log: 3

Game time: 0013

Life force: Connected 

Bpm: 157

Clan: Assigned

   Type: special case

Skill: S


We return to the main room and discuss forming a clan.




I log off and return to reality. I feel my arms sting and look down to see spiral shaped scars where the serpents had been. I guess things are not always as they seem....


Perhapse the game has just begun....




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