The lovers tree

I don't quite know why I wrote this, but I kinda felt it was a pretty little story. It's really short, but I hope you enjoy this little tale of a tree


1. The lover's tree


Let me tell you a story. This is the story about a tree. Yes a tree, but not just any tree. This is a special tree.

It all started when the tree was little and small, some would call it as little as a bush, but a tree it was. The tree would look at the other trees and it would marble over how big and beautiful they were. The tree lived in a beautiful forest, it wasn't a big forest. Just the right size. The tree would sometimes see people wander in it’s home. Some people it had seen before, some people it hadn't. The tree saw many people. Sometimes it saw little children playing and laughing, the kids would lie under the big trees and the little tree would wish that some they would lie under the tree. The tree saw happy people and the tree saw sad people. Some people came out to the forest to cry, the tree had witnessed that a couple times. Some people came with very loud music, the tree didn’t mind it, it was refreshing to see and learn about the other world, the human world that is. But most of all the tree saw couples. Both old and young, the tree had seen so many examples of love, some of them it didn't know was a thing, but every one of them was true love and that was all that mattered for the tree. The tree had seen picnics and even some things unspeakable. Over the time that the tree had seen people, it also grew itself. One very beautiful and warm spring day, the tree had seen a young boy with a book. The boy had sat down under the tree and read for hours. Joy filled the tree, it hadn't noticed that it had grown. The tree took a look around, it was one of the biggest trees there. Also, one of the trees with the most shadow to lie down in. After that, the people never stopped coming, and the tree was happy. The tree has had so many people under it, mostly couples on picnics or small dates. But one day it took another step. A young couple came with a small dagger. Suddenly they started cutting in the tree. They made a heart with their initials in it. It hurt, indeed it did. It hurt more than anything had ever done before, but the tree was happy. It was a sign of true love, a sign of trust in each other. The tree had never seen that done before, but it didn't stop there. More and more couples came and wrote their names or a heart with the initials in it. And it wasn't just new and young couples. It was couples of all ages, it had seen many married people come and write their names. It had also seen, only four times, an old couple come and write their names.


If you look enough, then maybe you will find the tree. It’s the biggest, most beautiful tree you will ever see. It is covered with signs of love and is therefore known as The lovers tree. And a lovers tree it is, indeed.


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