The Nun

When her sister dies, Nunelly Cassandra Sutherland is left at a loss for words. Fearful that she might try to harm herself her family complies with her wishes of getting sent to a school with nuns.


2. 0. A Closed Window

It was wet.

Not the rain that soaked her clothes and became one with her skin but the tears streaming from her eyes.

In passing one could see her still, the ghoul in black stationed before the grave of Melissa Sutherland. 

The only thing separating the two was the cold wet concrete and the earth that embraced her corpse.

How she hated her. The ghoul of a girl that stood before her grave. With every fiber of her being did she hate the corpse that lied there. It should be hers of all things and yet she was here. Here alive, and breathing. 

How she hated her for not only being stupid and narrow-minded enough to chase after a man that did not love her but for being stupid enough to rob her of her chance to escape. The girl knelt before the grave her hand spread across the soil; across the window pane of death. 

"Damn you!" 

A bolt of thunder lit the sky and the roar echoed shortly after drowning out the sound of her curses. The rain poured harder. It pounded the fresh soil of the newly dug grave into mud, the girl let herself sink. Her eyes closed. It was her turn now. She had been given another chance to die. 

"Oh thank God, thank God..."

Nunnelly Cassandra Sutherland lifted her pale face up to the sky and smiled. That smile quickly faded however when she heard the voices of the living crying out an alarm. 

"Nooooo! NO!" 

They came and dragged her out of the pit, she kicked and screamed but they would not release her. 

Of course. She was their prisoner, they would not allow her to leave. So she wept, because she knew then that she would never know love.

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