Good Girl: 5SOS Series Book One

They aren't the star athletes of the school. They aren't the highest placing students. And they definitely aren't the type of people who others would expect to be my friends.
I'm a good girl, straight-A, never has lied student. The boys of Five Seconds of Summer... are not so much like me. But, I'm intrigued by them. Especially the drummer.

Cover by Zireee


1. Prologue

I've always been the type of girl who stays to herself. This sort of lifestyle is not something I chose on my own, but something I now embrace, since I've been raised up in it. My parents have never allowed me to go out anywhere on weeknights- unless I'm going to the local library to type a paper, as my parents don't believe in technology in the household, or I'm a part of a group project, in which case the group members would always have to come here, per my parents insistence. On weekends, I am allowed to go out with my friends, have sleepovers with my girlfriends, and on a special occasion go out with a boy who might have asked my parents permission.

My school record has always been spotless. I haven't missed a day of school since the sixth grade, when my grandfather passed, I've never had any detentions, and my grades have never been below a 100% in any class. This all going back to my parents rules of staying home every night and studying.

So, naturally, the outcast pop-rock band kids of the school are not who I was destined to be friends with. The stars for me had not aligned that way. Although my parents had always loved Luke Hemmings- the neighbor boy, and the beloved head of this band- they do not love his music or his friends.

I guess it can all be fated back to the day when my parents insisted that I go to Luke's house and talk to his mom about the boys being quieter and maybe practicing at one of the other member's houses once in a while. I guess, my parents aligned me with the drummer boy, as much as they had tried to keep me away.

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