Good Girl: 5SOS Series Book One

They aren't the star athletes of the school. They aren't the highest placing students. And they definitely aren't the type of people who others would expect to be my friends.
I'm a good girl, straight-A, never has lied student. The boys of Five Seconds of Summer... are not so much like me. But, I'm intrigued by them. Especially the drummer.

Cover by Zireee


8. Chapter Seven

 I wonder how long this will take. "Calum," I whine, unsure of what to even say. I thought that, between Luke and I, things were clear. I thought that he has understood since that night on the hammock, that we were only destined to be friends. I suppose that kissing him a few hours ago was probably not the best thing that I could have done, but I thought that it would help. It certainly helped me, but if Luke is as into me as he says, then I can see how I may have made a pretty big blunder. It hurts me to have to hurt Luke all over again, especially because I thought that he and I were fine with one another in the first place. I feel as though I’ve made it very clear from the beginning that I’d been falling for Ashton Irwin.

"Oh, enough about you," he says, but in a playful enough manner. He looks toward Michael, who is playing some sort of game on some sort of gaming system that I know nothing about and leans forward a bit. "Does Kara like Michael?" His voice suddenly quiet and serious and, to be honest, this shocks me a little bit. I'm not used to these boys being serious about anything.

I sigh. Frankly, I haven't got the slightest clue what Kara's feelings are. She's not been talking to me as of late. "She hasn't said anything to me since that day she freaked out at lunch – well, besides in English that one day, but that was for a project so she’s still definitely mad at me." Thinking back on this, I don’t think she ever spoke directly to me that day either. Or Calum. She’d definitely avoided speaking to either of us. I sigh, wishing that Kara would just hear my side of the story, since she’s obviously wrong about me and Luke sneaking off together. I forget about this sad fact, in lieu of the fact that Calum is the one asking this question. Is he jealous of Michael and Kara potentially being a thing? "You don't like her." This is a statement, not a question. I've seen Calum wink at her once, and when he was drunk, he sat sort of close to her. But, if he liked Kara, he would have made a move by now. Everyone in the school knows that Kara's basically been in love with him since she moved to our school in our sixth year.

"I like that she likes me," he admits. I, of course, knew this already. Calum has never shown the slightest interest in Kara while sober, until Michael did. To be honest, I don’t think that he’s even showing interest in her right now. It’s more jealousy at her feelings than a genuine affection for her.

Watching his face soften, it's easy to see why Kara likes him so much. He’s kind, compassionate, and really funny. But, she doesn't really know Calum. Not like me or the boys do. And, yet, it's her own fault that this has happened to her. She doesn't get that trying too hard isn't something that any of these boys have ever liked or found attractive, and she’s been actually obsessing over him for many years, which has obviously made Calum feel uncomfortable to the point where Kara herself has mentioned that she thinks he gets uncomfortable around her. And, now, Michael tries to show her that he likes her, and she's acting exactly like Calum. "You can't keep her around because you like that she likes you," I explain to him, my face hardened. Kara may not be my best friend right now, but I am still hers.

"Okay," Calum states, his face now showing an expression of determination, of sorts. "I'm going to help you out, and then you'll help me help Michael out. Deal?"

"What are you going to do?"

He doesn't answer me. Instead, he picks up his cellphone, calls someone (who I presume is either Luke or Ashton), and says, "Hey.” Pause. “Good.” Pause. “Can you guys come over here really quickly?"

"Calum," I persist. "What are you doing?"

He looks at me, quickly, and with a smile on his face. There's a knock on the door that interrupts what he was about to say, if he was going to say anything at all. I don’t think that he was. He almost knocks over the small table beside the couch when he jumps over it, but he makes it to the door quite quickly for having tripped slightly. Opening it, he reveals the Ashton and Luke, just like I had been expecting.

"Hey, guys," Luke says, smiling. Both boys are in smiles, and I'm thankful for that. But, will Luke still be when he leaves here? I had felt thankful that I knew that Luke and I would be friends no matter what. But, could he deal with this sort of heartbreak once again? For God's sake, the boy told me that he was in love with me six days ago. Then I let him kiss me a few hours ago. Oh god, I think. I am the worst person ever.

I guess I don't have to wait long to find out how Luke is going to feel because Calum jumps right into it. "Luke, Lily likes Ash."

Luke and Ashton both look at me, their faces sad and confused, respectively. It’s an awkward moment for the three of us, as Ashton turns his head to Luke, probably wondering how between our conversation earlier today when I had kissed him and now, Luke had gotten the impression that I like him and not Ashton.

“I guess I misread things,” Luke says after a long moment of silence, his voice quiet, while he stares at his feet. Michael briefly looks up from his game, but ultimately decides that he doesn’t care enough to continue listening in.

I stand up from my spot on the couch, where I’d only moments ago been talking about Calum’s issues and make my way toward the two of them. I stand in front of Luke, begging him to look up at me. “Luke,” I say, “You’re, like, easily my best friend, and that’s what I want for us to be. Can we be just that?”

He nods and smiles very slightly at me. It’s a sad smile, and I can tell that he’s hurt, but it makes my heart warm that he’s going to try to push aside his feelings to let me and Ashton be happy. Again, I remind myself. He’s already been trying to do that for the last two months. I grab Ashton’s hand, and watch as he and Luke smile at one another, and I know that things will be alright. Even though they may not be right now, they will be in the end.


From the moment that the boys say yes to touring with One Direction, things begin to move very quickly for all of us. The boys – somehow – had managed to convince their parents that this is worth them leaving school for (except for Ashton, who really just had to convince his family that it was worth leaving his video store job for. That wasn’t hard for him at all, honestly). My parents had not agreed with that idea (and kind of began to resent Liz for letting Luke leave school), so I had to wait until I’d graduated school to tour with the boys. After all, as the official manager of Five Seconds of Summer, and the official girlfriend of Ashton Irwin, I was welcome to come on the tour without a doubt.

It had been hard to manage the boys while I was in school and they were in Europe, but I’d managed. Now, we’re all in the United States together, and it’ll be a lot easier to keep them out of trouble. After all, tabloids and magazines had been painting a picture that the four members were very big partiers, which is not the image that I want for them, even if they’re considered world famous now. While I’d always known that none of them were opposed to drinking, that’s not the lifestyle that I had seen any of them pursue in real life. It was hard to believe the magazines for me, but I know that it wasn’t hard for their fans and their fans’ parents to believe. Unlike the boys of One Direction, the boys of 5SOS had not been properly trained media monkeys, so they don’t really know how to avoid all of this yet.

Unfortunately for me, things with Kara did not happen as positively as they had with the boys. While she was thankful that I got her an autograph from Niall Horan – her ultimate celebrity crush! – she still did not feel the need to let me explain her misunderstanding of the Luke/Ashton situation. After a while of trying to get her to be my friend once again, I’d realized that I didn’t deserve to be treated the way that she had been treating me, and ultimately stopped trying to be her friend. I hadn’t needed to worry about her anymore. Or so I thought. Still, I worried incessantly about her mother, especially when I’d see Kara come to school with a large amount of makeup on, indicating that she was maybe hiding something once again. After a particularly bad fight with her mother, which Kara always insisted never got physical, she’d show up to school with a lot of makeup on, signaling that things maybe did get physical sometimes. I’d decided to keep an eye on her, from a distance, for her safety. I tried with all of my might to get her to come on this tour with me, even just for the United States leg, but she wouldn’t budge. Kara had officially stopped being my friend.

With Ashton and Luke, things had been progressing nicely. Ashton had officially asked me to be his girlfriend not long after Calum had been more up front with the two of them than I could be. I, naturally, had said yes right away. We’ve been happy since. Luke and I have remained close friends, but there have been a lot of times lately where I feel like he’s hiding things from me. Like, how just a week ago, he had told me that he was really excited for me to come on tour. I’d mentioned that I was really excited also, especially since then the tabloids would stop lying about my boyfriend cheating on me. Luke had gone eerily silent, and it wasn’t the first time that he’d been strangely quiet about me and Ashton. At first, I’d figured that it was just because he still wasn’t very comfortable with myself and Ashton being a couple, but I’d quickly caught on to the fact that this might not be the case. For now, I’ll choose to believe it is, but it might be a lot easier to get Luke to talk now that we’re all on tour together.

“Lily!” I hug Calum as soon as I see him. Then I hug Luke and Michael.

I look around, expecting my boyfriend to jump out from somewhere to surprise me. “Where’s Ashton?”

Luke’s mouth opens but Calum speaks, cutting him off. “He’s at a meeting.”

“A meeting?” I ask, accusingly. I’ve known about every meeting that the boys have had since the tour started. I’ve made all of the meetings.

Calum nods his head. I notice that his hair is a little longer than it had been the last time I saw him in person. Luke’s looks like it had gotten shorter seeing as he’s now wearing it in a quaffed style. “Last minute stuff. You were on the plane.”

I slowly nod, still unconvinced. I’ve planned all of their meetings already. There hasn’t been one where all of the boys hadn’t been required to be there. “Right,” I look at Luke and Michael, both of whom haven’t said anything to me yet. “What’s wrong with you two?”

They both shake their heads at me, trying to say that there is nothing wrong with them, without opening their mouths. “Mhm,” I murmur, suspiciously. “Neither of you have so much as said a word to me. Calum’s not your spokesperson now, is he?”

Neither boy gets to answer, because, once again, Calum is speaking. “Let’s get going, Lil. Wouldn’t want to be behind schedule, would we?” I nod at Calum, but don’t speak back to him. Following the boys to the car, I begin to wonder where Ashton actually is, and think about the clubbing rumors that had been circulating around him lately. But, he surely knew that I was coming to join the tour today – there’s no way that he would be dumb enough to go out clubbing on the day I’m joining him on tour, especially without any of the other boys. I scold myself for thinking like this. Ashton isn’t out clubbing. They’re just rumors, and I’m being a bad girlfriend by even buying into them at all.

I sit in the car and watch the busy street through the window, barely listening to the boys talk to one another and to me. I feel very tired and upset that Ashton hadn’t been to the airport to pick me up with the rest of the boys. Plus, the flight was nearly a whole day, so I’m feeling pretty jetlagged. As the car begins to slow, I realize that we’ve made it back to the tour busses. Generally, the manager would not share a bus with the boys, but at our own request, I’ll be bunking with them.

“Are you ready to see our home on the road?” Luke asks, speaking directly to me for the first time since I got off of my flight.

I nod at him, feeling entirely too exhausted to do anything except for go straight to sleep. I’d really wanted to see Ashton (besides, who has meetings at eight thirty in the evening anyways?) but my eyes will hardly stay open. I notice that the tour bus lights are on from the outside and make a mental note to later yell at the boys for leaving them on when they left.

“Welcome to our humble abode,” Michael says to me as Calum grabs my luggage out of my hands. I enter the tour bus and hear, “Welcome!” being shouted from all directions. A smile grows on my face as I see Ashton, along with the boys from One Direction (who the members of five seconds of summer have become quite close with) sitting around in the tour bus.

“We baked you a cake,” Harry notes, but I hardly hear him because my eyes are focused on the one and only Ashton Irwin standing just a few feet away from me.

I feel tears starting to brim as I look at him, thinking that of course Ashton was back here being kind and thoughtful. Here I was thinking that he was out cheating on me. I shake the thoughts out of my head as I walk toward him. “Hey,” I say, my voice low.

“Hey, yourself,” he says back, bringing his hand up to touch the side of my face. I place my hand over his as he leans in to kiss me. I hear hollering happening all around us, but I’m too focused on being back with Ashton to even care about anything else.

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