Good Girl: 5SOS Series Book One

They aren't the star athletes of the school. They aren't the highest placing students. And they definitely aren't the type of people who others would expect to be my friends.
I'm a good girl, straight-A, never has lied student. The boys of Five Seconds of Summer... are not so much like me. But, I'm intrigued by them. Especially the drummer.

Cover by Zireee


6. Chapter Five

It honestly shouldn't surprise me that on Sunday morning I wake up because of a knock on my window, but it does, and it also frightens me half to death. I sit up in bed very quickly and hear a laugh from outside my window. Turning around, I see the one and only Luke Hemmings sitting on the steep roof outside of my second story bedroom. I hop out of bed and open the window, practically pulling him into my bedroom. But behind him are Ashton, Mikey, and Calum all sitting on the rood as well. "What are you all doing here? In my bedroom?" I ask, loudly, once they’ve all gotten in. 

"Oh, Liliana, we already knew that your parents left, if that makes it any better," Luke offers, smiling apologetically.

I roll my eyes at him and watch Ashton walking, checking out the different things placed around in my room. "Cute room," he says sarcastically. "There's, like, nothing in here." 

"Lily doesn't have any time for interests, remember, Ash? She's only interested in school and you, sort of," Luke says, chuckling.

"I have interests, just not time," I argue. I look at my watch and see that it's only about ten o'clock. "So, what are you boys here for?" 

"Well, you're now in charge of us, pretty much," Calum says. "Also, we were kind of bored and wanted to hang out with you, even though you don't ever hang out with anyone." 

"I've literally been with you every day for the last week, Cal. And Luke and Mikey."

"School doesn't count, Lil." Calum says, "You should hang with us after school sometime."

I roll my eyes at him, that literally will never happen, and he knows it.

After I've finally managed to usher the four boys out of my bedroom, I grab my computer from under my bed and pull up my email. Unfortunately, there aren't any emails that I was anticipating getting. I decide to go down to the library to type a paper that is due Wednesday, so I leave my parents a note, telling them where I've gone and when I plan to be back. I pack up my backpack and leave the house, feeling excited, as though something good will happen today- which is very likely, because my days have all been good since I started to hang around Five Seconds of Summer. 

I say hello to Alexander, a boy who I know rather well because I type all of my papers at the library where he works, plus he's in all of my honors and AP classes. I plug in my headphones to the computer monitor and pull up YouTube, turning on some music from Luke's YouTube channel of the boys singing, which has been my go-to channel for the last week.

When I'm about halfway through my paper, with note cards laying all around me, someone taps on my shoulder. I'm expecting it to be Alex, showing me something that he's found interesting, but to my surprise, it's Ashton. "Oh, hello," I say, slightly miffed. 

"Nice to see you, too, Lil," he says, but he’s laughing, so I know that he isn't actually offended. 

"I'm sorry," I apologize. "I wasn't expecting to see you is all. What are you doing here?"

His cheeks begin to turn a light shade of red, "Honestly, I saw you leave your house and I was hoping that I might find you here. Cal mentioned something about you coming here often." 

I smile at this, thinking about how there is no way that I won't fall completely head over heels in love with Ashton Irwin, and I've hardly even known him for a week. "That's very sweet of you, Ashton." 

"Well, you know," he says, smiling widely, "I kind of like you, and want to get to know you a lot better." 

I stare at his face, which is still a slight shade of pink. His hair is clearly straightened, looking very different from the hair I saw the first day I met him, and quite blonde, and his face is thin. I think he's very wonderful to look at. "Well, I guess I've kind of got a thing for you, too," I say, my voice barely above a whisper as he's moved himself a lot closer to me. For a second, I think that he may kiss me, and I can feel my heart beating faster than a runner trying to win a race, and to me it feels like a ticking time bomb. I'm unsure if I'm ready for him to kiss me, but God Almighty do I want him to do it.

His hazel eyes lock on mine, causing my breathing to stop for a second, before he clears his throat and backs away from me. I release the breath that I was holding, unsure if I'm disappointed or relieved.

"So, um, I just wanted to talk to you, alone, I guess." I smile once again at him and am relieved when he smiles back at me, his deep dimples becoming the prominent feature on his gorgeous face. "But I see you're doing work. I could pick you up tonight, after your parents are sleeping?" His grin turns cheeky and almost suggestive. 

I'm not sure what I'm doing, seeing as this is my first time ever doing something like this. "I'll see you at eleven, then?" I ask, really hoping he doesn't notice that my voice cracks out of nervousness at the end of the sentence. 


"How was your day?" my mom asks me as we sit at the dinner table later in the evening, eating spaghetti, my personal favorite meal. 

"Good, I finished typing my paper for American Government today, and it's not due until Wednesday, so I'm ahead until then." I smile as I twirl my food around my fork and slurp it up. 

"That's my good little girl," my dad says, smiling at me as he rinses his dish before heading up toward his office where he'll work for a few hours until it's time for him to sleep.

"How was your day, mum?" I ask her, trying to connect with her in a way. For my entire life, my family has always had a professional relationship between one another, even my parents. When my parents saw that I demonstrated being incredibly smart at a young age, they began to do everything to ensure that I would be the smartest kid possible. State academic titles, six different instruments, and being at the top of my class (a class in which I am younger than the rest of the students) with a full scholarship offer to a very good school and being accepted into four of the five ivy league schools I applied to have proven that they achieved this goal. However, it doesn't matter that I could begin to slack off in even the slightest bit, because I need to maintain the good girl status that they've set up for me. Though, I feel like this will be harder for me now that these crazy boys are in my life.

"Oh, you know, the usual church sermon and then doing some paperwork here, nothing too busy."  she says, casually. "I'm going to go lay down, I have a headache." She always has a headache. 

Roughly two hours later, I hear my dad enter his bedroom, and he's always asleep within twenty minutes of going in, as he’s one of the lucky ones. It takes me hours to fall asleep, honestly. I look at the clock, 10:20 PM. I feel excitement in my bones as I realize that I'll be going out with Ashton in forty minutes. The biggest worry I have is that I don't know if my parents will let me date him. So far, they've been allowing me to go out with the guys because Luke- who they're convinced I'm going to marry- has asked them for permission. I feel nervous that if I were to admit to them that I would like to date Ashton, they won't permit me to hang out with any of the boys anymore.

Before I can even process it, I hear the low hum of the 5SOS van outside my window. I grab my shoes and climb out the window, leaving it open just enough that I'll be able to crawl back in later. I motion to Ashton to come out of the car and to be quiet. Quickly, I'm on the ground, after climbing down the rods that hold the small roof above the front porch. When we climb into the van, shutting the doors ever so quietly, Ashton asks, "Why did I have to get out?" in hysterics from watching me shimmy down the rods. 

"In case I needed help! You had to be, like, my knight in shining armor, or something," I respond, beginning to laugh along with him. "I'll definitely need your help back up there, though." 

We drive around, talking and getting to know each other better- we both love spaghetti- until about 3 in the morning, when I insist that I have to go home and sleep before getting up for school at 6 in the morning. But, before helping me climb up the trellis to go back inside, Ashton spins me around to face him, and with my heart beating a million miles per hour, he kisses me, full on the lips, and I kiss him back.

When I get into my room, I crawl into bed, not even changing out of the clothes I wore around all day and feel like I may not be able to fall asleep because I'm so excited.


By Friday morning, I'm extremely tired, and the others start to notice. I don't think that Ashton's told the boys about us going out every night, and I haven't told anyone either. I like that we've been having our own time together, getting to know each other one on one, even if it's compromising my sleep schedule. Although, Luke knows. I still have just as much homework as before to do, so I can't slip in a nap here or there after school, but I'm awake until nearly three in the morning every night and wake back up at six for school.

So, on Friday at lunch, when I'm not eating my food and half passed out on the table, Mikey says, "Alright, what's been going on with you, Liliana?" 

"What? Nothing at all. Just really tired." I yawn loudly, and place my head in my arms, feeling my heavy eyelids droop over my eyes.

"You've been like this all week, Lil," Kara says, and I roll my eyes inwardly, groaning at her.

I sit up and tell her that I'm fine, but Luke gives me a knowing look. On Wednesday night when I was sneaking out, Luke had just happened to look out of his window and saw Ashton parked outside. Naturally, he came out as well. I crawled down the trellis as I had been for two nights and had to smile embarrassingly when Luke said, "Well, well, well. Looks like Princess is out here breaking rules. Sneaking off with her boyfriend." 

Ashton, of course, got quite embarrassed by this, and his face turned a deep shade of red that was visible under the street lights. "We're, uh, not dating." 

"But she's sneaking out to see you," Luke pointed out to Ashton, an amused smile dancing on his lips. He turned to me, "And here, I thought you were a good girl." 

"Oh, forget about that, Luke. No girls are good girls. The good ones, like me, just haven't been caught yet." 

He's the one who pulls me from that thought. "Liliana is probably just having some late nights," he suggests.

Calum sighs, "Luke, I know you're not in the honors classes, but I'm doing great and I don't look like I've been getting four hours of sleep a night." Three, I think to myself.

"Well, maybe she's not studying," Luke laughs, and everyone glances at him. Meanwhile, I've pulled out my laptop to check for the email that I've been waiting for. While it slowly loads, because the school’s Wi-Fi is terrible, Luke adds, "And why are you always on that damned laptop?" 

"Yeah, seriously, Lily. When did you become so secretive?" Mikey asks, laughing. 

But I don't have time to respond, because there is an email in my folder from, and that’s exactly who I’ve been waiting to hear from.

Dear Liliana,

Thank you so much for getting in touch with me! I had noticed Louis' tweet about these boys, but had no other knowledge of them existing- I'll admit, I didn't actually watch the video myself. Otherwise, the boys here- Harry, Niall, Liam, Louis, and Zayn, that is, love Five Seconds of Summer. However, in order for any sort of deal to happen, Simon would need to approve of them. 

This is the reason that it's taken me so long to reply, but I've taken care of everything necessary. I've spoken with Simon and he would like to hear an actual demo produced by these boys. Three original songs on a CD and would like to meet with you and the boys to hear it in person on December 28th, which we assumed would be a good day for all of you, since you will not be in school for the Holidays, because as you had mentioned, most of you are still in school.

Attached are the necessary things to bring, and the flight tickets, which have already been purchased. Simon has arranged for two hotel rooms on the hotel right across from SYCO records here in London. Please make sure you follow the checklist that I have provided, and please respond promptly stating that you'll be here for the meeting. Further details are enclosed.

Thank You, Paul Higgins

One Direction, Manager.

My mouth gapes open, and I can't believe that this is actually happening for the boys. "Liliana, what is it?" Cal asks, seemingly worried. 

A smile forms on my face, and I begin to feel extremely excited. "I can't tell you yet. But, get Ashton to be at your house after school, okay? I've got some huge news for Five Seconds of Summer." 

The boys begin to complain about how I should just tell them now because Ashton doesn't need to be there, and it can't be that big of a deal, and I almost do tell them, because I'm so very excited, but manage to restrain myself. When I look at Kara, I think about how she'll be feeling left out of not getting to go, but, really, I don't want to push any further to get her to go, because these people are already spending a lot of money on people who they can't even be sure are going to be a good match for them. 


"So, what's this all-important news?" Luke asks sarcastically as the six of us sit in his garage on Friday afternoon. I look at the boys, remembering how their faces look now before their lives have been changed. I grab my computer and begin to pull up the email.

"Not that damned thing again," Mikey complains, and I give him a glare that could kill. If only they understood that this is truly life changing news.

"Does the name Paul Higgins ring a bell to any of you?" I ask, smiling, but am met with five blank faces. "I figured that much. He's the manager of pop sensation One Direction, whose member Louis Tomlinson, as you know, is a fan of yours." 

"So, what, Lil? We already knew that," Ashton says, but before he can say more, Cal says, "Let her finish." 

"One Direction and Simon Cowell have invited myself and Five Seconds of Summer to London for three days to play a demo for Simon himself." 

I watch as the news begins to make sense to each person. Slowly, then much more quickly, the boys erupt into fits of joy. Screaming and jumping around and hugging. Then hugging me. "That's great news, Lily! You're the best manager in the world, already!" Luke hollers, picking me up and spinning me around.

"The only bad part is that you need three original songs on this demo, not covering songs like you've been doing on YouTube," I say. 

Luke immediately begins to freak out, saying that there is no way that they can write three meaningful and original songs in just a little over a month and a half's time. But Cal seems to have a bigger and more important question. "Your parents are letting you come with us?"  

My expression drops slowly, and I look at Kara, who is as hurt as I knew she would be. I hadn't even remembered my parents. "Well, they have to say yes. This is huge for us and you're the only reason that it happened," Ashton says, moving closer to me to rub my back, slowly and gently. 

"Luke will ask," I say, instantly, knowing that this is my best shot at going. "And, I'll probably get into trouble for it, but if you all could come and Liz could come, they'll say yes more easily." 

So, a half an hour later, after ensuring that all of the boys' parents allow for this to happen, instead of getting ready for me and Ashton's date, like I had planned, I am sitting in my living room, with the guys, Kara, Liz, and my parents. "We've got really good news," I say, with a large smile, that I hope shows my parents that this is really good news for me, as well as for the boys. 

This is when Luke begins to speak. "Our band got invited to go play for Simon Cowell in December, after Christmas"

My mother smiles, and I can see that she actually is happy for them. While she always complains about the noise that they make, she still loves Luke, and has always wanted the best for him. "That's great news, how did that happen?" 

Liz speaks this time. "It's something that was Liliana's idea, actually. She asked me if she could use my email to send a message to One Direction’s manager, and he got Simon to look at the boys on YouTube and he wants for the boys and Lily to fly over for three days." 

My dad, who had previously had the slightest of smiles on his face, looks confused. "I'm sorry, he wants Lily to go, too? Why?"

"It was her idea, and so they thought it would be relaxing for her to have a vacation also. She won't miss any school and it's all paid for." Liz's smile never falters, and she is very good at convincing people. As a sale's representative, she knows how to be persuasive.

"Plus, she'll have her own room," Ashton adds, and though we said for no one else to speak, I'm very thankful that he threw in that comment. 

My parents look at one another before looking at me. "I think I deserve a break, with my best friends. I've been working really hard this year, and I'll take my school work with me so that I won't get behind. It would mean the world to me," I plead.

My mother smiles at me, kindly, before saying, "I suppose you can go."

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