Punk and Sarbrina

All grown up and married.


Author's note

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2. My birthday surprise

shopping was not on my list of things to do but the minute I got home from school that Snow White took me to do. She was thrilled when I finally pick a Disney Snow White Shirt.  At home I avoided Punk and gave him the silent treatment.  I slip in a puddle of green smelly stuff. I screamed. Punk came zipping around the corner. And was shocked to see me on the floor In his green stuff. He tried to helped my up. Then he flinch as a hand mark was printed on his cheek. " I Hate You !" I exclaimed. He was taken aback. I should of felt glad that I slapped him. I didn't I felt horrible. I got up and went to my room and took of my jeans to replace them. I was never marrying that jerk.

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