Punk and Sarbrina

All grown up and married.


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1. Fairy tale


I felt the goo slide down my forehead messing up my pretty curls. My anger hit the screaming level and my face turn red." Granny Relda!" I screamed. She came shuffling in the room. " What's  wronge sweetheart ?" She asked then saw the yellow slim dripping down my back." Look what he did!" I screamed. I heard Punk snickering. I was close to tears. He stopped." This day was supposed to be special ." I wines. She dunk my head in the sink washing out the slime. My curling were ruined. She sent upstairs to change. I did that. Then Daphn came in." Why are you screaming?" " Today is my birthday week. And it's ruined like last year and the year before and the year befor that and-" " Okay I get it." She said rolling her eyes. The sound of wings tapped my window. Punk knocked on my window. I shut my blinds." Sabrina maybe you should see what he has to say." She suggested." No, and get slimed again. Plus I'm wearing the new shirt you gave me." I smiled. We went down." Your shirt is punk rock!" She said. It was the little mermaid shirt she insisted I have the second I opened my eyes.l


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