The Tale Of Isabella

Isabella boundaries of life were little since she had been raised in the orphanage her whole life. But ever since she was little, she knew where she wanted to go when she turned eighteen. The forests where all the other creatures lived, and she had a dream of peace with them. She knew there would be hardships, but she was ready. The girl even figures out about her past and her true self. This is the tale of Isabella.


2. Chapter Two

You walk with false confidence keeping your eyes focused on the path. A snapping of a branch caught your attention.

“ Ah! What do we have here?”

A voice was brought to you by the wind.

Isabella put on a bright smile ignoring her terror. She turned around without hesitation to come face to face with a wolf standing on its hind legs towering over her small form.

“ You, good sir, have a young woman named Isabella. It’s nice to meet you!”

“ Isabella? Such a sweet name. Let’s hope you taste just like how you sound.”

“ No. You will not eat me. I will continued on my way-“

“ And who is gonna stop me?! All you are is a human!”

“ And so what? Shouldn’t life be appreciated in any form?”

“ I’m. Hungry.”

“ So you’re gonna take it out on me?”

“ You’re my prey!”

“ I’m another life in the world mister. You should treat people with respect.”

Isabella continued on her walk before rudely being pushed to the ground. She hissed in pain from a gash in her right leg that was caused my his claws.

“ You come up in here like you own the place! And you call that respect?! This is the way of life around here. Kill or be killed!”

“ I choose neither!”

The human girl dashed away not sure where she was going. She just wanted to get away from the werewolf. Isabella eventually went off the path hearing the sound of paws hitting the ground still behind her. She refused for tears to stream down her face. She would not give into this despair and fear.

“ Just give up already girl!”

“ Never!”

Isabella refused to stop no matter how bad her body ached. She wondered how deep she was in now. The sun was setting. Soon she would have no light left to guide her. That’s when she realized...

She was all alone.

Isabella turned around to see he was no longer following her. She guessed he just got sick of chasing her. Her body collapsed on her from pure exhaustion.

“ Who are you?”

Isabella jumped at the sudden voice. Her eyes went wide shocked to actually see a young girl possibly the age of eight or nine.

“ What are you doing in the woods?! Don’t you know it’s dangerous here! You must..”

Isabella cut herself off suddenly feeling the magic the girl was giving off. It wasn’t technically powerful, but for other kids her age I’ve witnessed, it seem just a little more than usual. Her eyes sparked gold like a coin while her short hair at shoulder length was a dark brown. Her dress seemed worn down and repairing.

“ You’re a witch.”

“ Yep! Sixth generation! But how did you know?”

“ She has the seventh sense. Now if you don’t mind girl, can you please leave my territory miss.”

Isabella looked up at an elderly woman. Her hair was long and grey, her posture bent. Her eyes reminded Isabella of a cat. She was nearly taken back by the strong magical force that was held within the small woman.

“ But the mean old wolf will get her grandma!”

“ Having a human around would just cause trouble Claudia, don’t you understand that?”


“ Don’t worry child. I will make it out of these woods safely. Thank you for trying to convince your grandmother, but you should listen to her. She know best.”

Isabella left with her fingers crossed.

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