The Tale Of Isabella

Isabella boundaries of life were little since she had been raised in the orphanage her whole life. But ever since she was little, she knew where she wanted to go when she turned eighteen. The forests where all the other creatures lived, and she had a dream of peace with them. She knew there would be hardships, but she was ready. The girl even figures out about her past and her true self. This is the tale of Isabella.


3. Chapter Three

Isabella stared at her reflection in the clear water. Stars covered the skies above. She hated that she lied to Claudia, but she didn’t like when people fight over her. It’s not a pleasant feeling when you’re the reason for a conflict.

“ Aren’t you far away from home dear?”

A water nymph popped out of the water giving Isabella a wide grin. Her turquoise skin looked as smooth as silk along with matching colored eyes. A pair of fins ran down her arms. Isabella didn’t answer, but just gave her a mere stare. She’s determined to make this place her home.

“ The quiet kind, huh?”

“ Not technically miss. I’m just too tired to make conversation.”

“ I’m sure you’re tired from running from all the monsters. You must hate us.”

“ Not at all dear. I find you all quiet intelligent and enduring creatures. In all, I think our species are equal. Why should you be treated differently from us humans? They act out like they do cause they’re scared of you all. That’s why they went at work to killing you off. Humans are so pathetic. Honestly, I wish I wasn’t one.”

The nymph gave was shocked with her reply. A grin spread across her face then making Isabella feel uneasy. She stood up planning on walking away when the creature grabbed her by the ankle.

“ Where do you think you’re going you little suck up?!”

“ Unhand me!”

Isabella tried to fight, but it just made her fall in the process. Isabella dug her nails into the soft ground praying that she could somehow grab ahold of something firm. But of course that didn’t happen due to her luck.

It was all so fast. Isabella stared up at through the murky water as the nymph drug her down father down in the darkness. She couldn’t make a sound as multiple eyes appeared to glow in the dark. Isabella wondered if this was really how she was going to die.


She can’t give up.

Isabell began to thrash around refusing this fait. The nymph, out of annoyance, wrapped her hands around Isabella’s neck. Nymphs were cheering all around her. Isabella screamed out gasping for...

Wait a minute...

She can breathe!

Isabella smiled landing a punch at the nymph. She had it coming. Isabella done it again and again until she freed her. She swam away, but more surrounded her. The girl began to swim for her life. Isabella some out had the ability to out swim them. Her body shot out of the water at unbelievable speed her feet landing in the bank somehow completely dry. Heads of males and females popped up from the surface hissing curses at her. Isabella sighed before walking away not sure where to go next.

“ People informed me around here that there was a human, but you don’t see like a human to me.”

Isabella turned her head to the left to see a gargoyle standing where she just was. His stony skin seemed cracked at the edges. The gargoyle’s eyes were colder than ice when his gaze met yours. His grand wings unfolded, his ears pointing up. Muscles shown greatly along with his clawed hands and feet. He had the face of a man though. Two horns stuck out of his head. He came forward to Isabella studying er carefully.

“ I am human sir. I’m not sure what you’re talking about.”

“ You just out swam a nymph, and you were under there for quiet a while girl. I saw no struggling of breathing as you exited the waters. My lady, you are not human, or at least not fully.”

“ That’s impossible...”

Isabella sat down on the grass. Could he be right? Could she actually be some sort of hybrid of some sort?

“ Well, it seems like you have something within you. Now, I originally came here to warn you. The other sections have heard that a human is within the forest and is planning on living there. That is against the rules here. I was sent from sections four to tell you to leave immediately. I’ll even escort you to a human village.”

“ B-But you just said I wasn’t fully human. That means there’s some of me that part creature!”

“ That won’t be enough to convince them madam. Listen to me-“

“ No! You listen to me! I want to live here! Call me stubborn! Call me anything you want! I believe.. I believe I belong here..”

Isabella thought about what she just said over and over again in her head. Is that true? She’s not quiet sure even though they came out of her mouth. It then hit her. What was her purpose in coming here really in the first place?

“ You might think that, but the Elders don’t. I’m sorry. I really am...”

Isabella stared at the passionate monster. She sighed in defeat giving into their demand. Did she honestly expect she could change all of their views if humans and let her live here?

“ It’s fine kind sir. I will leave the first, but can you please take me to a human village like you said you would do?”

“ I’ll be fine with that miss. Get on my back.”

Isabella climbed on his back wrapping her thin limbs around his body. Once secure, he took off. He, in all honesty, expected you to be scared. Instead, you quiet enjoyed yourself. At one point, you even let your hands go up to enjoy the rides. The gargoyle fount this quiet amusing. He even chuckled at one point.

The night was cleared of clouds. Millions of stars decorated the sky. Tonight, a crescent moon made an appearance. It all seemed perfect...

Something then caught the corner of Isabella’s eye. Fire. And a lot of it.

“ Move! Now!”

The gargoyle was confused until he saw it himself. The flames of hell were being shot at him. Yelling could be heard below.

“ Damnit!”

He went off course. He started to pick up the pace dodging the hazards. He couldn’t shake all of them sadly. One hit his right wing. He yelped out in pain as we made out decent to the ground.

“ Hold on!”

He yelled. She braced for impact holding tightly unto him. She closed her eyes the sounds of breaking branches and hitting the ground with a thud. Isabella opened her eyes looking down at her stony friend. She climbed off glad to see he was all in one piece. Well, except for his wing of course.

“ What was that?! Was that like some type of protection that guards use to protect human villages?!

Isabella asked him. The gargoyle barely could get the words out to your questions.

“ Poachers...”

Isabella grimaced in disgust. She’s heard about those beings. They hunt down other species to make a profit for themselves.

“ I think it landed over here fellas!”

Voices in the distance made Isabella dart up. She stayed out guarding him. She refused for them to take him!

“ You must run! They will surely kill you too miss!”

The gargoyle begged Isabella. She looked down at the poor creature. He’s so defenseless. She can’t possibly just leave him!

“ Please...”

Isabella lip began to quiver. She bent down low towards him. The girl planted a kiss on the forehead. She then dashed through the trees trying to find shelter from the heathen.

“ There he is!”

A horse carrying a wagon arrived, the driver wearing the biggest smirk. Isabella watched from afar. She hated herself cause she couldn’t do anything to help him. More men showed up carrying weapons and other things to contain him.

“ Hey there! Don’t worry big boy. We’re not gonna hurt yea. We’re just gonna sell yea, and we both know I can’t speak for the owners if they’re aggressive or not!”

The obvious leader laughed at his own words. Isabella growled which actually surprised her. But in other words, at the moment she didn’t feel like herself. She was so angry at these men! How dare they treat him like this?!

The gargoyle made loads noises trying to scare them away, but it was to no use. They just made their way to the defenseless creature smirking knowing he couldn’t do anything to them. He was too fragile from the fall.

“ The maiden, oh, the maiden oh.”

“ The sailor loves the maiden , oh!”

“ So early in the morning,”

“ The sailor loves the maiden, oh!”

“ A maid that is young, a maid that is fair.”

“ A maid that is kind and pleasant, oh.”

“ So early in the morning,”

“ The sailor loved the maiden, oh!”

The gargoyle watched the men as if they were in a trance. He looked to the side to see glowing purple eyes. Was that the person making such a beautiful sound? The men started to go in her direction enchanted by the voice of angel. In a matter of seconds though, things changed dramatically.

Screams filled the air along with a giggle. The sweet girl he had seen before seemed to have changed. A rock laid in her hand covered in blood from her first victim. She had bashed his head in. He could seen the fear in the other men’s eyes, but they were petrified. They couldn’t move or make any sound. One by one, they went down crimson staining her already ruin dress.

“ Isabella...”

The gargoyle snapped her out of her madness. Isabella dropped the stone surrounded by dead bodies. Tears welled inside her eyes as she fell to her knees. She repeatedly rubbed her hands on the ground trying to wash her sins away.

“ No.... No... What have I done?!”

It hurt the gargoyle to see her cry. With what little power he had, he dragged himself over to comfort her. It was kinda hard since he was practically made of stone.

“ Thank you miss. If it wasn’t for you, I would of been sent to the auction.”

Isabella placed a warm hand on his cheek. The gargoyle leaned into it not use to something so nice. She smiled in response.

“ What is your name?”

Isabella questioned.

“ Aalam.”

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