The Tale Of Isabella

Isabella boundaries of life were little since she had been raised in the orphanage her whole life. But ever since she was little, she knew where she wanted to go when she turned eighteen. The forests where all the other creatures lived, and she had a dream of peace with them. She knew there would be hardships, but she was ready. The girl even figures out about her past and her true self. This is the tale of Isabella.


1. Chapter One

Isabella tended to the garden the laughter of children feeling the air. They swarmed around her, but she was not annoyed due to the fact she loved children. Isabella was coming unto the age of eighteen which means she’ll be able to leave the orphanage. She does not hold hate for all the families that decided not to adopt her. This place over time became her home, and she wished not to leave it. Her time here though was coming to an end.

“ Isabella! Isabella!”

A young boy named Christopher pulled at her sleeve. She turned her attention towards him. He had bright sea green eyes with coal covered hair. An aura surrounded him that she could not explain in words. It was obvious something magical running through his veins. Witches and wizards are common around these parts, but they of course keep it secret. They would surely be stoned or burn at the stake if the public figures out. Anything considered different in their eyes must die.

“ Where will you go when you leave?”

“ To the forest of course.”

“ The forest?! Monsters live there!”

Isabella shook her head. Unlike the others, she considered the creatures as equals and would appreciate becoming friends with them. She understands there will be some hostile ones towards humans, but she thinks it will be worth the risk.

“ And? They’re just like us. Don’t listen to the rumors child.”

“ B-But Sister Alice-“

“ Is a fool. She has no right to judge others just because they’re from a different species.”

Isabella then set off leaving the child speechless. She waited and waited for the day to come. The young adult didn’t wait for the sun to rise before she set off to find her new home. She didn’t even say goodbye.

She stared at the border Sister Alice told her to never cross. With glee, she marched on excitement running threw her veins. You could say she was a child on Christmas Day.

It was silent at first. She sat underneath an oak tree not wanting to go further yet. She took in her surrounding before taking out a sketch book. Isabella was known as quiet the artist at the orphanage. She started with the formation of the trees soon turning towards what surrounded them. It was about to be finished when she heard a slight giggle. The maiden tilted her head up to see someone smiling down at her. It was a small creature with the skin color of grass and eyes of the sky. Her dark green hair was kept up by a hair tie.

“ Oh. Hello.”

“ Hiya dear. Are you lost?”

“ No miss! I’m in the enchanted forests of another kind of species.”

The fairy just stared at Isabella in confusion. Was she a idiotic human or what?

“ Didn’t your parents ever tell you not to come in here young lady?”

“ I don’t have any parents. They died when I was very young.”

“ Ah. But someone must of told you how dangerous it was.”

“ Yes they did, but I do not care for their advice. I believe there is good in all, and I will not judge because of the opinions of others.”

The fairy began to hysterically laugh. Isabella just shook her head. Like she said, she does not care for the opinions of others when it comes to this situation. She left the fairy losing respect for her.

“ You fool! You will die before nightfall!”

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