One scream at a time

The world did not end with a bang or a whisper but rather one scream at a time.
Lila hates missions to the outside world, for two main reasons: 1) The outside world is dangerous and filled with scary things. 2) she would much rather be curled by the artificially generated fire with a good book. So why does she go to one of the most prestigious schools for missions in The Dome?
Will she ever get together with the beautiful Genevieve? and when handed information important for the survival of the human race should she pass it on or let humans peacefully die out?
.... what? I'm not going to tell you now. I'm not going to spoil it for you, you've got to find out for yourself


2. History

Buzz, buzz, Lila’s watch vibrates. “Mission failed.” The speaker announces as her surroundings fade. The familiar faces of her classmates appear around the globe. Familiar, but definitely not comforting. Her face relaxes into its usual scowl position. The seal disconnects and the glass door swings open, Lila strolls out of the dome. “You ruined your safety suit again, I’ve told you Lila again and again, it's your only chance of survival.” The high-pitched squeal of Miss Haunters voice fills her ears. Her classmate's snort, delighting in her failure. All of them: top class students aiming to change the world, Lila:  just there because her mum runs the school. That fact gives all the other students ammunition to hate her, for getting in so easily when they fought hard for their place. And Lila, no motive to even try hard, as she hates this school anyway.

The safety suit Miss Haunters is referencing is what Lila thinks of as “my dress.” As she used to dress up in her mother’s when she was little. When she asked her mother what it was, her mother trying to protect her little girl from the reality of the world told her it was “just a dress.”

Lila Simona Romaldo is part of the first generation of children born inside of The Dome. Not the training dome that she was training in, but The Dome. A high-tech survival city was built in preparation for the nuclear winter. The nuclear winter that happened about 20 years ago, 5 years before Lila was born. Her mum is Italian, and her father is probably one of the countless men who donated his sperm to keep the population going.

Lila’s mum is the commander of ‘The Light Brigade’ a team (named after the famous poem) whose job is to go on missions to the outside. Lila has not much clue what they actually do out there as her mother never spoke much of her time out there. It is all kept pretty hushed up and classified. When she asked her teachers they all said “They are doing important work for our community, we don’t need to know what they are doing. It will waste too much of their time to explain it to us.” Her mum still got called on from time to time. But mostly she was left to spend her time on “The School of Light” dedicated to training the next generation of The Light Brigade. All these factors left Lila alone, with no siblings, no friends and an unhealthy addiction to old books (where, whilst she was in that world, she could forget reality.)

“Well… why were they re-enacting the nuclear winter?” You question with glee, trying to find holes in this world. “they never need to train for it as it already happened, it can’t happen again.” Well… I say mockingly, that my friends, is their average history lesson. Rather than learning about it, which Lila would much rather prefer. (her avid reading gives her quite an advanced knowledge of history.) The School of Light managed to turn it into yet another opportunity to train.

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