One scream at a time

The world did not end with a bang or a whisper but rather one scream at a time.
Lila hates missions to the outside world, for two main reasons: 1) The outside world is dangerous and filled with scary things. 2) she would much rather be curled by the artificially generated fire with a good book. So why does she go to one of the most prestigious schools for missions in The Dome?
Will she ever get together with the beautiful Genevieve? and when handed information important for the survival of the human race should she pass it on or let humans peacefully die out?
.... what? I'm not going to tell you now. I'm not going to spoil it for you, you've got to find out for yourself


3. Genevieve

“Alright, Genevieve your up next, see if you can improve on the low standard set as always by Lila.” The whole class sniggers delighted for another excuse to laugh at Lila. Genevieve gets up, her perfect blond hair and blue eyes, contrast so neatly to Lila’s dark hair, eyes and her oily skin. Genevieve self-consciously takes off her glasses, her parents don’t want her to ruin them in training.

That sentence may’ve surprised you, with her appearance and name you probably expected Genevieve to be the star of the class and snooty as hell. Maybe in another society, but here Genevieve was hard-working and determined. Her genes didn’t help with her dream (To join the Light Brigade.) but she tries and in this case her attitude towers over a few pesky DNA strings. “ready,” she says bluntly, she only spoke when she had to, as the pitch and tone of her voice meant some people zoned out when she talked for too long. Nature was against Genevieve getting into The Light Brigade, but she fought bravely and here she was today, a year from selection and 3rd ranked in her year, (the top 20 will join the Light Brigade as apprentices.) Lila was 50th, she’d never even seen her name on the scoreboard.

Now with all these facts taken into to account you might be mistaken into thinking these two were friends, but seriously listen to me. I meant what I said, Lila has no friends at this school. Genevieve hated Lila, Lila had the best genes to make it to the top (Maria’s) and Lila’s lack of effort really bugged Genevieve. Lila, however, liked Genevieve, (a little too much) her looks and her determination really stirred up her stomach, got the butterflies flapping. But she never even tried to make a move, not because it was unheard of, the Dome didn’t really care what gender your partner was. Mainly what tied her tongue was memories of the Grade 4 Training exercise, when she was partnered with Genevieve. Genevieve finally showed the true nature disgust for her. Lila ended up locked in a cupboard until her mother finally noticed she was gone and let her out. This was also around the time that everyone else started hating her too.

Still, Lila sometimes caught herself giving Genevieve longing looks. Like now, as Genevieve, fully loaded up with safety suit and all enters the glass dome and begins her simulation. Genevieve catches her looking, Lila looks away quickly not wanting to deal with another death glare today, especially after trying to impress her with the running. Why do I torture myself? she thinks as Genevieve scores another perfect escape.

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