One scream at a time

The world did not end with a bang or a whisper but rather one scream at a time.
Lila hates missions to the outside world, for two main reasons: 1) The outside world is dangerous and filled with scary things. 2) she would much rather be curled by the artificially generated fire with a good book. So why does she go to one of the most prestigious schools for missions in The Dome?
Will she ever get together with the beautiful Genevieve? and when handed information important for the survival of the human race should she pass it on or let humans peacefully die out?
.... what? I'm not going to tell you now. I'm not going to spoil it for you, you've got to find out for yourself


5. Day 3

Beep, beep. Lila’s eyes flutter open. Can’t I just stay here? But she knew her mum would kill her. Lila didn’t want to disappoint her anymore; her whole life was a disappointment to her mum she could at least get Attendance points. She slams her hand down on her watch pausing the alarm. How many lessons do I have with her today? Her control slipping for a second, no! She’s not interested, GET THAT INTO YOUR HEAD. Oww, her bones creak as she clambers out of the blankets, grabs her bag, and crawls out of the cave. The blinding brightness of ‘daylight’ hits her. Today clouds scatter the sky, Day 3.

The Dome decided to scrap the names of the days, that had been decided by traditions of old. They wanted to start new and sticking with the seven days a week principle they numbered each day and gave a different weather to each so the citizens could tell the difference. The night sky always looks the same as The Dome has more important things to worry about then the Dome.

The Dome is the name of the city and the council that runs the city. The council consisted of 10 original members of the British government and they all chose an apprentice. After they ran their full term they passed authority down to their apprentice. Then the apprentice chooses an apprentice and so the system continues on. Each member has their own specific role, but Lila doesn’t really know much about that so that’s all I can tell you. I’m guessing it’s not very interesting anyway. They are surviving, just about.

Many people died of illness and injuries through the first few years, so everyone’s really careful about health. If you show signs of a cold you are quarantined straight away. And everyone receives a daily dose of paracetamol as its one of the things that is easy to produce. Better safe than sorry, the campaign slogan decorating the many fliers about public health.

Food is grown through specialist greenhouses under the city. Meat is rare as the animal herds need to be built up in number before The Dome will offer meat to the citizens. People get their rations from specialist food centres. The lack of protein in their diet means most people are always tired and everyone looks a bit on the thin side. There is no currency, maybe sometimes an exchange of favours but people help each other out. The council pretty much leave the people be, too tired to do much else. Everyone’s hope: what all the books are written about, most of the jobs are focused on it, is finding a new planet. One with the same ecosystem as earth so they can move in at the top of the food chain and re-start the human population.

Sigh, Lila pushes open a side door and steps into the corridor. Everyone’s looking at Lila weirdly. Well, more so than usual. The looks also have a note of sympathy that they never usually. “Did you hear...” the whispers travel around the corridor. But Lila can’t quite catch the end. She wants to yell, shout, demand that they tell her what’s going on. But she knows no one will answer so, what’s the point? Out of the corner of her mind she catches sight of Genevieve coming the other way.

Glasses firmly implanted on her face, one lens is slightly cracked from the brute force of her mother’s throw as she finds her daughter wearing that “awful hideousness” once again. Felicity Gladstone is a leading member of the council. She was horrified to find her beautiful daughter had signed herself up to this school of “scrabbling rats.” You can tell she thinks highly of this school! She and Maria have had many fights, but surprisingly they are quite good friends. Don’t ask me how, I have no clue. Somewhere along the line they had a bonding moment and never quite forgot it. In fact, if Maria ever died in a mission, Lila would move in with the Gladstone’s.

Lila doesn’t know about any of this, the butterflies in her stomach awaken and begin to dream up impossible. Genevieve spots her smiling and scowls with an enforced vigour in her direction. This kills off some of the butterflies, but not all, definitely not all.

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