One scream at a time

The world did not end with a bang or a whisper but rather one scream at a time.
Lila hates missions to the outside world, for two main reasons: 1) The outside world is dangerous and filled with scary things. 2) she would much rather be curled by the artificially generated fire with a good book. So why does she go to one of the most prestigious schools for missions in The Dome?
Will she ever get together with the beautiful Genevieve? and when handed information important for the survival of the human race should she pass it on or let humans peacefully die out?
.... what? I'm not going to tell you now. I'm not going to spoil it for you, you've got to find out for yourself


1. "Watch me burn!"

The world did not end with a bang or a whisper, but rather one scream at a time.

Lila was running, like the beginning of all of her nightmares: the endless running, never knowing why, and never able to stop. But this time it felt real. She could feel the ground beneath her bare feet, her dress getting torn into shreds by the brambles that suffocated the trees. She could hear every scream, cried out from behind her, as they attacked.

It was easier to think of them as people. Rather than the realities of a cold-hearted infrastructure that pressed the big red button that set off the first nuclear bomb and began this never-ending winter. Shit, she thought, this dress is ruined. Now, you might be judging Lila on that thought but firstly consider, she’s running away from a nuclear bomb she can think about whatever the hell she wants to. In fact, in situations of stress, the brain looks for stupid things to think about to avoid concentrating on the bigger picture. Unfortunately, this dress is actually really important to Lila, so I can’t use that fact to make you judge her less. The reason for this will be made clear later, so try and hold your judgments till then.

She casts her glance to the sky; the clouds are turning grey. “In the occurrence of a nuclear bomb exploding it will release radiation into the atmosphere.” The familiar voice of her history teacher filled her head. “This means the suns raise will not be able to get through, causing a nuclear winter. All the plants will die. Then without any food, the humans will join them.”

The heat was catching up with her, she wasn’t running fast enough. If she didn’t get out in time her body would burn to a crisp. There was no hope of climbing the trees as the heat would destroy them too. She knows she will never get out of here in time. Helpless desperation wells up her throat and soon she is fighting tears. Fuck this. She stops running and faces the oncoming explosion face first. Watch me burn. And she smiles with glee.

Buzz, buzz, Lila’s watch vibrates. “Mission failed.” The speaker announces as her surroundings fade. 

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