Tears Of A Wauldron

3 aliens desguised as 3 normal teenagers are living a fairly normal life, but what happens when an old nemesis returns with power. Friends will turn on each other as you try to stop this impossible enemy.


6. The last day {B}

Switch to Baston's Pov:



"So Allan whats wrong"

"To be honest I really don't know things have been really weird"

"How were all here on Earth I mean yes we all miss our home planet"

"No its not that Bash"

"What is it?"

"Its just.."

"I started having really bad depression this weekend"

"Thats why i have been in bed all day I can't really find a reason to get up"

"Allan what why haven't you told me"

"I don't know its just it feels like something in my head that is not supposed to be there"



My head starts feeling really worried for Allan


"But I don't want you worrying about me I want you and Sirou to be happy don't go out of your way for me"

"Allan your my friend im not just gonna leave you"

"Well it is bittersweet but don't I am already selfish enough just look when you first met me I lost my family and you guys had to be my friend you guys had to carry a dead weight around you don't deserve that"

"Allan stop you have done nothing wrong these 3 years on Earth with you have been the best never underestimate how much I care about you"


Allan starts to cry


"Stop Bashton just stop"

"Why did this happen Bash"

"The world hates me so much"

"You really care about others Al"

"But you need to take care of yourself to stop beating yourself up for no reason"

"I will try but i feel so selfish"

"Your not selfish"

"I will see you later Allan please don't do anything dumb"



I leave Allan's room and go to bed


The next morning


"Ugh great its time for school"


Allan comes into my room


"Ugh Bash is it ok if I stay home today"

"Sure dude take all the time you need"

"Ok thank you"


I go to the living room and make sausage and eggs for me and Sirou 


"Ugh im so tired" Sirou said

"Oh come on its fine"

"No im gonna die"

"Sirou stop being so melodramatic"

"Ok whatever"



After that little incident with Sirou and that girl at the baking competition I was a little upset with her


We arrive at school. I still can't feel worried about Allan with his depression I really want to help him as much as i can. School is always how it is but suddenly Elle comes up to me I guess with all that's going on I never really talked to her.


"Hey Bash"

"Oh hey El"

"I do wanna thank you for getting my hat back from those bullies it was really kind"

"Well I hate bullies so I did what I had to do"
"Well it was really nice"

"Do you wanna go for a walk together" Elle asked

"Sure why not"


Me and Elle go for a walk


"So whats on your mind El"

"Nothing really"

"Well I mean things have been all over the place" Elle said

"Yeah things were not like this on wauldr never mind"

"Wait what were you gonna say"


"Um are you hiding something"


Suddenly Allan walks up to us


"Hey guys hows it goin"


Thank you Allan for saving me


"Oh its good me and El are just walking"

"Actually Bash im gonna go home"

"Ok El see you later"

"So Al how are you"

"I guess you could say im good"

"Its just I don't want to do anything Bash"

"I really care about everyone but why am I feeling like this"

"This happens to most people Al you will get through it trust me"

"Ugh I can't"

"Bash I really care about you I don't know why I feel this way but I feel so inlove with you"
"Its just ever since you saved me when our planet got destroyed I really cared for you"

"But now its more than that I don't want to be just friends"

"Bash I am inlove with you your awesome good looking kind smart everything"
"Do you feel the same way"

"Al I do I want to do everything to make you happy I would risk anything for my friends"


Allan starts to cry


"Ugh no this is supposed to be happy why am I crying"

"Bash what do I do"

"I will be right by your side Al we could probaly talk to Sirou she could brew a potion for this"

"No I don't think that would work"

"But thank you Bash I will leave now thank you"

"No problem"


Allan walks home while I just go home and go to bed


The next morning I know Allan doesn't want to go to school hes going through alot so me and Sirou go to school Suddenly I meet up with El


"Hey Bash hows it going"

"Good I guess"

"You know Al hasn't been coming to school are you worried about him"

"Well kinda but he will be alright"

"With everything that happened yesterday you kinda left him hangin you know"

"Yeah wait now I think about it I should talk to him"

"Thats a good idea Bash but before you go I found this paper in his locker its kinda interesting"


I read the paper







"Wow thats pretty weird"

"Yeah you could say that"

"Anyway Im gonna go check on him"

"Ok Bash see you later hehe"


I quickly run home worried about that paper Elle showed me. I need to check on him.


"Hello Allan you there?"

"Come on stop sleeping get up"


There is no response I start to get worried


"Well I really didn't want to come in like this Al but you leave me no choice"


I was so worried I had to barge in his room I gently open the door












"Allan NO"


I discover the corpse of allan hanged to a rope tied to the wall





"Allan needed my help I knew how much he hated people care about him and I accepted his confession I only made things worse if I were to go to someone and take him to help this would have never happened this is all my fault

"I wont forget this for the rest of my life this isn't some game where i can reset and try something different"

"He is gone forever"

"I will never be able to get him back"












A note from the author:


Told ya this story will get crazy but it is not over yet prepare the next couple episodes will be disturbing this will get all glitchy like the fjiodwkefhjsk i was doing that I inspire this from an anime game called doki doki literature club but a little different this scene happened with sayori and this will kinda go off from that but a little different prepare for the next couple episodes see you later toodles. 


Character file: Allan.chr deleted succesfly restarting...


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