Tears Of A Wauldron

3 aliens desguised as 3 normal teenagers are living a fairly normal life, but what happens when an old nemesis returns with power. Friends will turn on each other as you try to stop this impossible enemy.


5. The hunt {A}

Switching to Allans POV:



"So Elle how are you doing"

"Well I guess you could say im ok"

"Al I feel really scared where is Bash is he ok"

"I swear he is fine we would never just leave us"

"Ugh Al im scared"

"Don't be I bet hes just doing homework somewhere or something"


Suddenly i start to space out for a second


"JFEFWEADIJSVFBDKJALAIBJASNsXZ getawayfromhimhesmijnejpfreqpibucdwisajlnodwaskohudnfhoasVUDZBCHHFDJSKZMNXBGHDJKSJHFGDHSJAO0WODKCLXSAP;/as,dxmjreklwq;['1p-20938475r64738290123984r76fjhcdeiwkjeerororedeletedeletalfkjreiodeltealljruiwolkdjfhdjskeddeltetsldjdkdelejtriitidsskallannfkkejfdksikejhfbndjkjdeedeleytealldnJDHFDEJSKWOFJFHHDELETEHIMBITCHDEIWOSKDJFHEWJALSDKCFJGHEWUIQOWIEU8RYTFGBHDJSWKQOALKSMDNFHRJEIWOEI4RUYTFGHHDJWKLSZ,fjdkolwpq;alsxkcmjvnghrueiwqolakjIJHFGHDJWIOPSLKXJCFHY7R43829102398478````KRJDJEKK````~~~~~~~~~~KFJDNEBHWJQK


"WHAT THE HELL JUST HAPPENED" i said terrified

"Are you okay Allan"

"No i just heard this voice its its ringing in my head OWW"

"What was it"

"It was this girl she was in my dreams her voice she was screaming like a siren ugh"

"Oh no whats going on Al"

"I dont know Elle but we will get through it"

"Uh ok"


My head starts to feel a little bit better but it still hurts



Pause from allans pov


You have unlocked a special piece of text read it


"So I really care about him but i cant seem to get into the files they are to full So i am trying to hack them and delete that weird guy so I can go in i didn't want to delete Sirou because they are best friends I thought If i got Allan than i could jump in This will be perfect I just need to mess with his character files"


Back to Allans Pov


"Are you doing any better Al?"

"I dont know I feel like im going insane"
"Something weird is going on thats for sure"

"Yeah im gonna get to the bottom of this"










"Im back at home"

"Hey Al" Sirou said


I was so confused I don't know what happened wheres Elle


"Why do you look so scared Allan"

"Sirou Bash is missing, of course, is freaking out"

"I wouldn't say he's missing he will come here eventually don't worry"

"Why do I feel like something is very wrong"

"You over think things Allan"


Pause from Allans pov


Thats it why should I keep this i already have Bash in the copied world I will just delete this one and focus on that one im deleting this.





End of episode 5: The hunt





















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