Tears Of A Wauldron

3 aliens desguised as 3 normal teenagers are living a fairly normal life, but what happens when an old nemesis returns with power. Friends will turn on each other as you try to stop this impossible enemy.


11. JUST LEAH {?}

Suddenly static is in every direction and me and Leah are in a small little room in space


"Hey Bashton"

"You might be so confused to whats going on at the moment"

"Well its just us now"

"And this isn't Bash in the story Tears Of A Wauldron its you Bash its the real you"

"I can't wait to be with you forever"

"Well right now I guess I should explain everything"

"Well it all started back on planet wauldronia where we were in school together"
"Do you remember that"

"You probably don't it was 500 years ago after all"

"Well I had big feelings for you Bash I really cared about you"

"But I could never find the right time to talk to you"

"One day I got so mad for being alone I sent a missle to our planet"

"Almost everyone died except for you and Sirou"

"You guys went on Earth together finding another friend named Allan"

"Huh it must have been forever since you heard that name has it Bash"

"Thats because he doesn't exist anymore no one does"

"I deleted all their files for us"

"It took alot of hacking but eventually I managed to get into Allans file and give him severe depression"

"But that didn't stop him from confessing to you"

"So I made him hang himself in his room"

"Im so sorry you had to see that it must've been hard for you"

"But I needed to be with you"

"There was a maximum of 4 characters in the files so I had to get rid of one of them"

"Unfortunatly I glitched it so much My hair messed up and I became a combination of all the characters thats why my hair is spiky in the middle its long and curly on one side for Sirou and the other side is short and brown for Elle I messed it up alot when I hacked the files but boy was it worth it to be with you"

"Then since Allan was deleted I added my character file in the game and it was me you Sirou and Elle"

"But it wasn't enough the game was glitched enough thats why everything was so strange"

"But I had to keep you company did I"
"It was fun"

"I love you Bash"

"And Sirou and Elle did too so I started making Elles character files all aggresive so she killed Nick for taking her hat"

"And I really didn't wanna do anything to Sirou since she is your best friend but you saw she gave you that note worrying about Elle"

"So I got into her files and messed them up as well"

"Im sorry what you had to see Bash I really am"

"But they don't exist anymore its only us doesn't that sound amazing"

"Ha I knew you would agree"

"Maybe if i fix everything I can just make my hair look normal but I don't wanna risk losing you DO I"

"Hah now do you wanna work on the school story for Mrs. Seeil"

"Huh I wonder if she still exist she didn't have a character file after all"

"She was just a side character"

"I wonder if we can even still do the intro story how it starts off"

"I wonder if the story is broken that much"

"Lets see"


A very long time ago I lived on a planet named Wauldronia, growing up I had a best friend named Leah. She was the best we would hang out everyday and gossip play video games all things friends do. But one day a threat came to our planet almost every wauldron died but me and Leah made it out alive we ended up coming across a planet called Earth. There we settled in we would look likfnjdkrjur4iecdjfjjdsnsnncne regular humans and stay therdjfrkesdjruiowe it looked safe nothing could harm us. Then we saw a boy he looked lost we could see he was a wauldron his name was Leah he lost his parents when our planet got destroyed. We took him in and then us 3 became good friends. Oh I forgot I was going on this entire time my name is Bashton but my friends call me Bash. for about 3 years now we lived on Earth and we never told a soul we were aliens and then we lived in peace for now.fjdkskdjfnhcdr8JDKSLKIEUREIOWW9W2384



"Ha all characters are just me expect for you of course"

"Do you think our story is good to impress Mrs. Seeil Bash"

"Yeah I know they might find out were wauldrons but how would they prove it after all"


"Ha it was just me Leah"

"Bash it was scary but it was a prank after all hehehe"

"I should explain what happened with Elle though"
"She wasn't actually a human Bash she was fake made for the story"

"Which is why she is never coming back Bash"


"Are you ready to spend our eternity together Bash"

"No one in the way"

"No stress"

"Just Leah"

"Just Leah"







I suddenly space out and I snap out of something


"Where where am I"

"Leah what did you do"

"Well were together after all heehehehe


There has to be a way to get rid of Leah she did so many horrible things Allan hes dead Sirou they will never come back I need to fucking stop her MAYBE I COULD DELETE HER.


"Whats wrong Bash are you hurt"

"No im fine I just really like to play video games you know"

"Oh yes How could I forget what my lover loves here I have this computer"

"Thank you"


I suddenly try to find the files and then go to characters


"Ok here it is Leah.chr"

"WHAT DID YOU SAY" Leah said
"NOTHING im just playing video games"


"Ah I need to do this quick delete"





"Wait whats going on" I said

"I wont let you delete me"

"NO your gone"


SHe takes the computer out of my hands

"No leah stop it"
"We will be together forever stop this


Delete Leah.ch


"No that was so close you almost deleted me"

"Yes Leah and i will delete you now"


Delete Leah




"You cant do this Bash stop"

"Im sorry this is for Sirou, Allan, and everyone else you killed on my planet"

"Bash no"


Leah.chr deleted  succesfully






Leah suddenly statics out like what she did to Sirou

"Bash why does this always happen to me"
"All i wanted was for someone to love someone who cares about me and now im gonna cease to exist in less than 5 minutes"

"Leah I get that but you hurt so many wauldrons this can't stand"

"Your right I loved you A person who loves you would never try to hurt them"

"Whats wrong with me why did I take this long to realize"

"I am a skumbag Bash thats all I am"
"Why did I even come to the world"

"My mom should've used the condom"

"But I wanna make things right"
"I know I said I deleted Sirou and Allan"

"But I couldn't find it in my heart to do it"

"I copied there files before I deleted them just incase I ever wanted to bring them back"

"I can even make it so your back on your home planet"

"It will be all good I have 2 minutes before I leave I can do this"


@Copy file wauldronia 


copied wauldronia in Tears of a wauldron


Add Allan.chr to story

Added Allan.chr succesfully


Add Sirou.chr to story

Added Sirou.chr succesfully


"Ok Bash everythings fine I will be deleted in about a minute and then you will bleep to your planet with Sirou and Allan as if nothing ever happened"

"I hope you have a perfect life"

"I wish the best for all of you"

"Goodbye love"


Leah fades away






To be continued...


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