Tears Of A Wauldron

3 aliens desguised as 3 normal teenagers are living a fairly normal life, but what happens when an old nemesis returns with power. Friends will turn on each other as you try to stop this impossible enemy.


4. Happy thoughts {B}

Switching back to Bashtons pov:


After a long night of getting Elles hat I realize my saturday is ruined so I go and sleep for a little bit. Before I know it its is sunday.


"Good morning Bash" Sirou said

"Oh hi surprised your up"

"Yeah I guess I sleep alot it gets boring"

"Wheres Al"

"Oh he is sleeping I don't know whats been going on with that sleepyhead"


"So I saw there is this really cool cooking festival coming up and I was wondering if you wanna come with me there is this big baking competition"

"Uh sure why not"



I am surprised how energetic Sirou is being 


"come on lets go"

"Wait it is now now"

"Yes Bash lets go it will be fun"


We enter the school


"Welcome everyone to the baking competition, The winners of this will get to bring home a golden cupcake trophy"

"So mrs. Seeil, Mr. grath, and Ms. Phony will be the judges"

"You have 3 hours to bake any tray you want you will be graded on taste, presentation, and scent. Are you guys ready to begin"

"Then it starts NOW"


"Sirou what did you drag me into"

"I really don't know I thought it would be fun"


As me and Sirou glance at all the teams determined to win we started to panic


"Wait I have an idea" I said

"How about we make a cookie sandwich that looks like how wauldronia looked"

"But Bash what if they"

"We will just say its from a video game trust me we got this"


"So we need 2 round surfaces for the outside of the planet that are blue and for the outer center it is black with rainbow sprinkles"

"Ok Bash we can do this"


I start to round up the blue sides of the planet while Sirou works on the black part for the filling it is gonna be blue frost filling. I suddenly look at the other teams ours wont even compare to theres I start to feel like why did i even do this?


Suddenly a girl with a small frame comes up to us


"Hello how are you doing" said the girl"


"Well don't get too confident cause me and my brother are gonna beat you in this"



My brain filled with confusion as this girl just criticized us


"Like what are you even making some blue black crap"

"How dare you be rude to our planet" Sirou said with anger

"Sirou no"

"Ugh what did you say"

"You know what little girl go fuck off and bother your brother"

"AHH I will win this"


The girl leaves


"Sirou really you kinda blew our cover"

"She took this as a joke our planet that isn't even here anymore i need to respect wauldronia"

"Yes but if people find out were from there we will probaly spend the rest of our life as expirements and we would be tested on and stuff like that"

"Yeah your right sorry"

"Just focus on this ok"


About 20 minutes later our cake is done and we fill the interior with blue frosting and ice cream


"Ok contestants time is up lets see what everyone made"


The girl glances at all the teams and what they baked including me and Sirou


"Nice work everyone now its time to judge"


After everyone gets judged were last


"Ok so last but not least Sirou and Bashton"

"What have you guys made today"

"So we decided to base this off a planet we made up called wauldronia its blue and black"

"I must say the presentation is really nice judges prepare to try this"


one by one the judges take a bite of our wauldronia cake


"Wow this is delicious"

"Thank you"


"This smells delicious I love this this cake is perfect"

"And you have a backstory for this I love this"


"Ok teams it is decided 3rd place goes to shia and her brother Max"

"Yay we won"


So Shia is the girl who was being all annoying to us earlier


"And second place goes to Brad and his dad Tim"

"Ok everyone it was really easy to see who the gold goes to this person was creative a great baker and it just looked pleasing the golden cupcake trophy goes to"

"Sirou and her best friend Bashton"

"Wait what we won?"


I was in so much shock I didn't know what to do I mean as silly as it is it was cool


"You all did great jobs come back next year"


"Ok Sirou we did good"

"Its like I tell you sadness gets you nowhere you need to have happy thoughts"

"Ok Sirou your always a good friend we help eachother in our own way"

"Your right about that"


and after that I had a great weekend me and Sirou go home


I think I should talk to Allan he has been down all day. I enter his room


"Allan are you okay"

"Oh hey Bash how are you"

"Im good hey are you doing okay you don't seem like yourself"

"Well I guess theres something i have been hiding"

"What is it"

"Its um"



End of episode 4: Happy thoughts



A note from the author:



So I know it doesnt make sense since Allan was looking for Bash last episode but it will make sense in about 2-3 episodes This will get very unsettling soon just to warn people who are sensitive to Depression, Suicide and all that I warn you if you are sensitive to that don't watch the next 2-3 episodes Il see you later toodles.



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