Tears Of A Wauldron

3 aliens desguised as 3 normal teenagers are living a fairly normal life, but what happens when an old nemesis returns with power. Friends will turn on each other as you try to stop this impossible enemy.


3. Depression {A}

Switch to Allans pov


I start to shut off my phone eating some popcorn I don't know what has been up with me lately I'm starting to feel really depressed and sad like life is not worth living. Bash left with Elle a couple hours ago and I just have been in bed all day. Surprisingly, Sirou wakes up.


"Hey what are you doing in bed? You know sleeping is my thing silly"

"I know I just feel a little off today"

"Ok then did Bash make any pancakes"


I remember he told me not to tell her there were pancakes


"Ugh no he had to go with Elle for something I think"

"Oh ok"

"I think I want to rest Sirou I'm just not feeling well"

"Ok al see you later"


Sirou leaves


Ugh I need to get some rest


Allan goes to sleep and has a big nightmare about a familiar face


"Hello Allan I just wanted to say you and your friends should really look out never know something bad might happen"

"Wait I know you, you went to my school on wauldronia, how did you survive"

"I have my ways hehehehehe"

"Anyway something I'm gonna do is bad you could stop it but I highly doubt that"

"But the depression your having is only gonna get worse see ya darling"

"Noo wait"


I suddenly wake up


"Who the hell was she? she looked very strange"


The girl in my dream kinda looked like Sirou but half of her head was all spiky and she was an evil blue color not the blue our hair is though. I didn't think much of it, it was a nightmare after all. Suddenly I wake up.


"Hey Allan" Sirou said

"Uh what are you doing up its sunday you know"

"Ah shit i had a dream it was monday so i had to set my alarm and stuff ugh"

"Ah that sucks"

"Anyway Sirou have you seen Bash"

"Uh no I haven't seen him since he ran off with Elle"


"Don't worry Al, I'll text him"


Things have been pretty weird since yesterday I don't know what to say but everyone seems a little off. Maybe im just overthinking it, but I can't stop thinking about that dream I need to go for a walk.


You go out for a walk


Ahh this is so relaxing being outside, not worrying about anything


Suddenly I see Elle


"Hey Allan how are you doing"

"Im doing good um any chance you know where Bash is we haven't seen him"

"Ugh no last I saw him he gave my hat back from some bullies"

"Oh weird"

"So don't tell anyone but I have been feeling really weird I sometimes have these dreams about this creepy lady she kinda looks like you Sirou and Bash combined"

"Oh my god I had that dream yesterday"

"I have been having them for weeks now but I haven't thought much of them"

"Yeah El something strange is going on"

"I was just walking wanna come with" I asked

"Sure that would be nice"


End of episode 3: Depression


A note from the author:


Sorry again for a short episode I am trying to make these as boring as possible before this gets really weird I hope you like these sorry for the delay of this episode I had alot of stuff going on but now im publishing it see you later toodles.

















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