Tears Of A Wauldron

3 aliens desguised as 3 normal teenagers are living a fairly normal life, but what happens when an old nemesis returns with power. Friends will turn on each other as you try to stop this impossible enemy.


2. Anything for a friend {B}

Before I start this chapter I want to say that this story has 3 perspectives Bashton, Sirou, and Allan when you see B covered in brackets it means bashtons pov if its an A covered in brackets its Allan if it is an S in brackets then its Sirou I just wanted to make that clear onto the story.



So I woke up Saturday morning I just love Saturdays you get to stay home make breakfast watch tv and for my case wait until when it's actually nighttime for Sirou to wake up. She always sleeps in on weekends it can get ridiculous. I made myself 2 big fluffy pancakes which is what I usually do on Saturdays while watching tv. Suddenly Allan walks in.


"Good morning Bash did you make me pancakes"

"Sorry you snooze you lose"

"Oh come on please"

"Yes I made some for you but not for Sirou don't tell her"

"Don't worry she's in hibernation when she wakes up might as well be brunch"

"Yeah lol"

"Well I'm gonna so back to bed and watch youtube see you later"



Great now I can have some time to myself KNOCK KNOCK I hear someone knocking on my door I go check it out"


"Hey I need your help"


It was Elle from school


"Sure what do you need"

"Well you know the pink hat I always wear"


"Well theres this guy named Nick and he has been bullying me and he took my hat and I don't know where it is please help me"

"Of course I hate bullies"


and with that, I actually have something to do this weekend.


"So where did he go"

"I don't know I think he lives on sreggors street"

"Ok then lets go there"


We walk to sreggors street since its not far away.


"I don't know where he lives but he must be somewhere" Elle said

"Well we will teach him a lesson I don't tolerate bullying"

"Yeah Bashton"

"OH wait thats him right there and he has my hat"


We eavesdrop on him and his friends


"ha it's so fun to do this she went crying to her mama and everything" Nick said

"Oh my god what a loser"

"Ugh those assholes are talking about me"

"Stay here I will go talk to them"


Bash steps up to Nick


"Hello Nick"

"Oh hello blue haired freak hahaha"

"You know bullying will get you nowhere in life and you will regret it"

"Whatever than don't but its so much fun"

"Oh who do we have here"


Nick sees Elle


"Oh its the baby I took her hat from"

"Shut up assholes before your face meets my fist"

"Oh no I'm so scared I must call 911 hahaha"

"Elle you need to leave i'll deal with them"

"Ugh ok"


Elle runs off and i shot them with my lazer eye


"What the fuck bro what shit was that, that actually really stung"

"Yeah and if you dont give the hat back it will hurt much more kid"

"Ugh ok ok heres the stupid hat I wont tell anyone if you let me go"

"Very well kid now bye"


I find Elle crying near a tree


"Shh its ok El here I have your hat"

"Wha really th thank you Bashton your the best"

"Well I hate bullies and I made them give it back anything for you"

"Wow thank you im gonna go home see you later"

"You too"


Out of all of that the day is sadly over it is 9 o clock at night so I start walking home


"Ugh well that was an interesting saturday I hope that never happens again"


Suddenly you hear someone scream 



"Whaa whos there"



End of episode 2: Anything for a friend


A note from the author:

Sorry if this episode was too short but I promise after next episode things start to get really weird and bad so I promise this story will take a big turn I will see you later toodles
















































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