Alex Wiltshore And The Time Stone

When the last day of summer takes an unusual turn, Alex is the only one who realised that something is wrong. Now she must join an unlikely companion and dive deep into the mystery to fix everything....


Author's note

I'm not sure if I will write a chapter at a time or if I will just update it all when I'm finished but I've published this chapter first as a taster of what's to come! Feel free to give tips and improvements that I can make. Hope you enjoy!

1. ** The Unexpected Event **

Alex stood in the middle of the pitch, her vivid orange hair flapping in the warm breeze as if it had a mind of its own.

​It was the last evening of summer and although a chilly winter at her school Rookview Academy loomed ahead, the seasons heat was still bearing down on the village like a dragon over its prey. The hot sun edged nearer to the horizon as it watched the world below, as it always did.

There was no way that anything above the ordinary could happen on such a dull evening, could it?

​Alex Wiltshore was Rookview's most athletic student. She could run around the school field faster than any cross-country runner. She could complete the shuttle run quicker than anyone else in her class. She could even​ throw a Frisbee better than her teacher. Everyone seemed to have great expectations for her, assuming that she would become an Olympic athlete one day, when Alex wanted to become an explorer and travel the world in search of adventure.

And so she constantly returned to the world of books and daydreams, her only source this excitement.

A shrill whistle sounded, piercing its way across the pitch like an arrow flying through the air. Alex ran to her position on the pitch and waited for the second signal. But it didn't come.

​Looking around, she got the shock of her life. Everyone was frozen. Everything had stopped as if the world had become paused - there was no wind and an eerie silence filled the air instead. Alex tried to run but found that she could only run in slow motion like she would if she were wading through mud. She knew somewhere deep down that there must be something wrong with the universe, or maybe this was one of her daydreams?

All of a sudden, everything sped up again and (finding that she could run again) Alex jogged over to the team captain.

  "Are-Are you alright?" She panted breathlessly.

​"Why wouldn't I be?" The captain asked in a concerned tone.

Alex walked away, more confused than ever. What had happened? Why didn't anyone else realise that anything had happened? And (if it was real) why hadn't it effected her the way it had with everyone else?

Alex hoped that nothing else would happen. But, just maybe, she knew it was the start of something bigger...

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