The Child

Just a child watching adults


1. The Child

“What’s it like,” asked the wide eyed child.

“What,” answered the old man.  His snow white beard seemed to drag his whole face down as he talked, and his forehead seemed to hold his face up.

The woman at the window turned around.  Sunlight cast her shadow down onto the child's fuzzy bear.  The child looking up in surprise to see a line of gray hair tracing down the woman's face, the hair tracing at an old scar.

“How we met, the child wants to know how people like each other,” replied the woman.

The man’s mouth hung open and he looked up to stare off into the distance.  The child watched him with a tiny tingle in the stomach.

The woman watched him for a bit as his metallic hand tensed, in contrast to his flesh.

“Albert,” muttered the man.

“I’m here,” whispered the woman.

The child watched on.

The man spun around, then reached out his flesh hand and slowly traced the woman’s scar.

“I’m here,” she whispered hoarsely.

The man blinked, almost as if surprised.  After a few seconds he let out a harsh croke, which then morphed into a smirk.

The child looked at the man puzzled.

“They can’t ever come again can they?” asked the man.

“You can’t travel through time and space dear,” answered the woman softly.  

The child did not understand her expression.  It was like a mother gave when one does abc’s but also like when one forgets to pick up toys.

“What’s it like,” asked the child.

The woman lead the man over to the window with the bright sun and the chirping birds.  The child followed, and climbed on a near chair to look out.

The woman answered, “love is like how the sun feels, then losing it is like a thunderstorm where you olny want to hide undercovers, in a warm bed.  But you can’t, so you sit in it till it goes away. Then clouds can come over the sun and you think another thunderstorm is coming but it’s not, but the anticipation is so scary it doesn't matter”.

“Oh,” respond the child.

“I like the sun,” remembered the man aloud.

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