Who's there?!!

Read to find out who's there........


1. SleepOver

It was my Birthday 2 days before and i was having a sleepover this weekend with a few friends it stated at 8 and i had everything ready so i decided to call my best friends and ask did they want to come over early so my best friend Mariah said yess her mom would be by to drop her off and my other best friend Vanessa said her mom told her she had to wait until later on so we said okay and Mariah made it over my house about 4:30 we invited my boy best friend (matthew) over for a little and we was having fun talking but it felt like time was going by slow So my Boy best friend said "hey you guys guess what i brought with me" Me with a confused look on my face said "what did you bring this time" he pulled something from out of his book bag he had on this whole time that I did'nt notice he pulled out a board game that said "OUJIA" he said do you guys want to play and I did not know much about the game so i said a answer i regretted instantly "Yess" and Mariah said " im not sure about this guys" Matthew said with a vicious smile awn she scarred and she replied come on lets play even though in my head my brain was telling me don't do it i continued as we were playing it got more creepy but 8 came and we stopped without saying "GOODBYE" Matthew packed his things and said he would see us later he had things to do so me and Mariah  got up gave him a hug led him to the door and called Vanessa she said her mom car is messed up and we would need to meet her in order for her to come. So me and Mariah got dressed charged our phones and headed towards her house when we got outside we had noticed it was dark already about 9:10 me and Mariah is walking laughing but we keep seeing a car following us so I told her we should walk through an alley for a short cut biggest mistake ever..... As were walking through an alley we see someone and its blood all over their face and i see a knife interlaced in their stomach with them trying to mouth out words to us but were in the only light in the alley so we can't see as he gets closer we realize it's matthew we try to run to help and get him but he yells and throws his hand the other way and says RUN and as we stop to look someone with all black runs up behind him and hits him in the head with an axe as matthew falls the man faces towards us and waves as were staring at him as tears fills our eyes we run as fast as we could towards the house and we see the same car so we run faster.....

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