Who's there?!!

Read to find out who's there........


2. Part 2

As we reach the house and enter We wipe our tears and i tell mariah we have to be strong and work together we sit what felt like days for time to pass so morning to come and hope that what we saw was not reality ...As we Sit their we hear someone knock but not a soft knock a hard knock "Boom Boom Boom" at the door so we both say Who's there no reply so we look at the time it's 11:17 I say okay mariah were going to have to answer the door im going to go and get my dads shotgun and when we you open the door im going to shoot she nods and I go upstairs and get my dads shot gun luckily he taught me how to shoot so i go down stairs and the person is still banging on the door mariah toughened up and said on 3 i will open the door 1...2...3..Powwwww..I shot the gun and opened my eyes to see the door open with my best friend vanessa outside the door dead with her phone in her had calling....me Mariah is sitting by the door with her mouth open crying lots of tears but she's not look at vanessa i look to the direction she's looking to see the same man that killed matthew standing there 5 feet away from vanessa in the darkness with the same all black just waving at us happily and a deep rapid voice he yells to me and says Happy Birthday''Goodbye'' we run in lock the door look out the window and he's their staring at us but vanessa her body is gone .........

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