The Box Of Pandora

A prize for finding a alien in earth is out and Artemis is ready!


Author's note

Another wild goose chase

3. The missing box

Fowl manor.

Astroid POV

I woke up ready to throw up. Instead I heard voices and felt my ears twitching like a bunny. I heard the faintest sound of Voices then a Girl came in. I studied her then summoned a ball of hot magic." What's that?" She asked." Magic. What happened to your ears?" I asked her ears were tiny. " what do you mean I was born like this," she said. " what's your name human?" I asked." What's yours first?" She said. I played catch with the ball of fire."Call me Aster my real name is Asteroid. " I said walking around the small space." Why I'm I here?" I asked," in Juliet you here because Artemis brought you here he's going to turn you over to sciencest to get money and you'll probably be lock up in a zoo or circus, or left to die with experiments. She said simply." I don't die I regernerate." I said." Oh really?" She asked ." Well how do you become a citizen I thought you could do that oh where's my box?" I asked." Artemis had to take it away." She said." What!" Does he know how much danger that is?" I asked loosing my breath." Breathe! Count with me. In 123 out 456." She said over again. " stop saying that." I beg. Then I fainted my magic buzzing out.

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