The Box Of Pandora

A prize for finding a alien in earth is out and Artemis is ready!


Author's note

Another wild goose chase

6. the darkness

Fowl manor:

Once Artemis visitor a second time. She sat in the same place  mumbling to herself. "Aster? The Thief ?" He asked. her eyes had now pupil now and was glowing she was in a trance." Get the box,Save the universe, Get the box,Get the box before the darkness spreads. Get the darkness. Become free" She chanted.She blinked her eyes back to her coal cold color still ignored Artemis's presence. "Find The spirit of Pandora Find the Box." she whispered." "What is the darkness?" Artemis asked." Nunya!" She said," Nunya what?" he asked."Nunya beeswax" she answered."It kinda is The darkness is in the universe."He said. She glared at him."Such a Shame." She said in a sorry verse."I can help you, only if you tell me!" He offered. She thought for a moment then said."I don't need your help." "You do if you want to get out of here." He noted. She huffed in disapproval."In greek mythology Pandora accidentally unleash Dark spirits from a box. it was named Pandora's box. She captured some and lock them up in the box again a sent far away. it landed on my planet and the people opened it unleashed darkness through the galaxy. Turning people into Jealously,Hate,Vain,Age,murderess,angry Negativity And a whole bunch more of who knows what!" She said. the worlds will crush other planets with war and My travel planet, planet X Has wanted there planet to have all power, so i took the box and determined to capture the darkness itself. The box you stole from me is Pandora's Box." she said."But what Planet X does not know is that The darkness not only will turn people hard but it will destroy planet after planet until what only remains is what we started with enteral darkness." She said 

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